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'People Shouldn't Be Going Bankrupt and Dying': Barnstorms Nationwide Aim to Build Mass Movement Behind Medicare for All


In theory capitalism should provide choices to an enlightened public. Of course, what we have is less choices offered to a manipulated, ignorant and virtually helpless public. There may appear to be choices but they are usually confusing manipulations. The capitalists have no honor - they prefer monopolies which can manipulate and control while reaping maximum profits for diminished services.


I get a picture in my head of an ancient times witch doctor. His brother, sister, and cousins, (insurance), all get a share of the doctors fee. And the S.O.B. picks and chooses his patients without cause or reason.


Loved both of those songs back in the day and now as well! Thank you!


Hi Nevermind: Yes, but I think he’s rather tell them that the oil jobs were going away—instead of telling them that the entire planet is dying : )
However, I think evet=-tyone would be better off, if CEOs were replaced. I think I’ve told this story before about the emperor Vespasian. He paid a man a lot of money for a wonderful invention—but he never used the invention, because as he told the inventor----I have a lot of workers to support.
A nice story of thoughtfulness coming straight from ancient Rome : )


For those who dare mouth the phrase; “We can’t afford it” they are saying that a segment of the p[population should die, moms dads, children, Essentially working poor. For those criminal enough to mouth the phrase; “government take over” their agenda is government protection of the biggest racket on the face of the globe. Doctors pushing drugs peddled by drug company sales people and turning away any of the poor. There are only a few rare honest brokers of the health industry like Kaiser. If you live in Flint Michigan and you are poor bye bye.