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'People vs. Shell' on the High Seas as Greenpeace Boards Arctic-Bound Drilling Ship


'People vs. Shell' on the High Seas as Greenpeace Boards Arctic-Bound Drilling Ship

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday, a team of Greenpeace activists have boarded an Arctic-bound drilling rig operated by the Shell oil company, the international environmental organization announced.


Six brave souls working for all of us to bring attention to what surely will be the destruction of the Arctic region. We can support their courageous efforts by supporting Greenpeace with a financial contribution and contacting your close friends and having them do the same. The only thing that will save our environment is people power; people coming together to say this is not industry’s world to destroy, it is our world to save. The beacon of light has been shone by these six and Greenpeace and it is on us. Will we see the light?


Refreshing to see the activists of Greenpeace step up and mount a thorn on the underside of this Polar Punisher. Government entities are ignoring Shell’s display of incompetency and blunders from 2012 along with international cautions and determinations which include the 75 percent likelihood of multiple large spills should drilling occur in the Arctic. Realizing this situation necessitates the crucial call for direct action. Remember to vote with your dollars as that evidently is what matters the most for the Arctic.


If these brave people can board this huge ship to send this urgent message, maybe there are others out there who can park in front of Shell Gas stations with signs on their cars announcing Shell’s intent to drill in the Attic.