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People Who Care About Democracy Don’t Plot Coups Abroad

People Who Care About Democracy Don’t Plot Coups Abroad

Peter Certo

For some months now, Venezuela’s socialist government has lurched through a series of escalating crises — hyperinflation, mass protests, political violence — while both the government and its opposition have flirted with authoritarianism.

It isn’t pretty — and to hear the right wing tell it, it’s the future the U.S. left wants for our own country. As if to prevent that, the Trump administration is now fomenting a coup in Venezuela.


It’s like deja vu all over again. In the early seventies Pres. Nixon told the CIA to “make the [Chile’s] economy scream” in order to pressure the government of duly elected Pres. Salvador Allende. The resultant coup, which ushered in one of the most brutal dictators of last century, Gen. Augusto Pinochet, sealed the fate of numerous political murders throughout Chile. This is what the three stooges in the picture, Bolton, Pompeo, and Pence, seek for Venezuela. Fucking bastards that masturbate the the neoliberal/neocon (two sides of one coin) playbook. As an American citizen and yes, a citizen of the world (let the fuckers call me a commie), I want no part of the ill gotten gains they seek that will further imperil the planet and further distress the People of Venezuela through increasing economic inequality. Peace.


Perfectly stated.

“Take Pompeo’s point man on Venezuela, the dreaded Elliott Abrams…A singularly villainous figure…”

“Singularly villainous” - Certo got that right.

Be forewarned, children - reading about this real life Hannibal Lecter in power is literally sickening:

Only thing Certo left out was Bush pardon of him for illegal and secret weapons sales to fund money for death squads (Iran-Contra) - which allowed not only Abrams and others, but Bush to avoid indictment and prosecution.


It like there some breeding pool somewhere in the USA for the likes of Abrams. It seems that no matter how many of these guys die off or get old and forgotten , there more that slither out from under rocks to replace them. I can imagine some lab where all the vilest parts of humanity put together so they can continue their chain of Dulles, and Kissingers and Abrams forevermore.

That is another thing. These kinds of guys make enemies the world over , are loathed and hated by many who have been at the receiving ends of their death squads and rapists. Why is it these types never knocked off by those lone crazed gunmen or go down in an aircraft that crashes in perfect weather?


Why can’t we share this article??? I can hardly bare to listen/read the news anymore. Lamestreet media is all in for the US to get all the oil of the peoples of Venezuela.

Most people aren’t paying attention anyway and always think the good ole USA is justified with whatever they do in our name.


No kidding, in my mind Abrams should have been swinging from a tree limb, with a noose around his neck.

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The azzhats in charge do not not a whoop about democracy.
However, they do all seem to love other countries assets.
Oil especially apparently…


As I’ve commented in the past, the 'ganda is getting ever more lame.



HI SuspiraDeprofundis-------these 3 stooges sound like the government rulers of ancient times—maybe they should start hiring food tasters----That used to be a profitable profession — but for a very short time. Ending up as kind of an eternal temp, I think.

Thanks for that, wondered if you’ve seen this.

We cannot afford and $hould not try to force our will & ways upon another nation! Why Have We Not Learned yet?

Yup. I’ve never extolled the death penalty before - but, in a better world, justly tried, found guilty of crimes against humanity, and swinging from the gallows where Adolph Eichmann was hung.

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