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People With Electric Cars Aren’t Trapped in Miami Beach With No Gasoline


People With Electric Cars Aren’t Trapped in Miami Beach With No Gasoline

Juan Cole

Some people in South Florida are finding it difficult to flee Irma because they cannot fill their tanks up with gasoline. Many gas stations are shuttered. Others have extremely long lines.

But people with electric cars such as a Chevy Bolt or Tesla 3 do not need gasoline. At least until the hurricane hits, they have electricity and can fuel their automobiles with it.


Disneyworld is in the bulls-eye of Irma just now, but there are other concerns:


Thanks for the link. It says all four plants are going into cold shutdown before Irma hits. Kind of astonishing to see them acting rationally!

i had never read of the very near disaster at Turkey Point during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Reading the narrative give the lie to the technological apologists in these threads who assure us “alarmists” that there is no risk. With the series of breakdowns and problems during Andrew in 1992, “Who could have foreseen…?” There are ALWAYS unforeseen problems, which is why we should never have engineered such dangerous systems. Glad they are shutting the Florida nukes down this week; they should ALL be taken permanently off-line.


I discovered Beyond Nuclear after Fukushima. Arnie Gunderson’s ‘Fairewinds dot com’ is another excellent site.

I agree - all commercial reactors on the planet should be de-commissioned. There appear to be only two reasons for commercial nuclear - one is to disguise the true intent, the ‘atoms for peace’ spin. The other is to enable admission to the nuclear club, if you will, of atomic weapons, or their - ‘I could if I wanted to’ (like Canada - my country).

I almost went into nuclear as a geologist - finding the stuff - but I was lucky enough to research the topic - and was sufficiently horrified that I went into oil instead - proving the law of unintended consequences I suppose - as fossil fuels are now enabling the sixth mass extinction event.

That was way back, when I was young. Until Fukushima - I was being lulled back into the idea that maybe nuclear was at least a temporary way out of our dependence on fossil fuels.

Then along came Fukushima, and I re-visited the topic of nuclear and found John Gofman and his book, Helen Caldicott and her book, Chris Busby of the UK, Yaklobov of the former Soviet Union Academy of the Sciences and his report on Chernobyl, and on and on…

There are 44 Annex 2 countries - but until they all ratify, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty cannot come into effect.

Interestingly, providentially even, it was the monitoring capabilities of the Comprehensive Test Ban initiative which was able to document the spread of Fukushima’s radiation.

For me - economic sanctions are an act of war, and once upon a time, on a planet far far away, war had to be approved by Congress. Some say there was even democracy !!

Nevertheless, I can voice my opinion.

All sanctions against Cuba, Russia, North Korea etc should be summarily dropped, and in their place, International Law should inspire us all to further our efforts at survival - for that is truly what is at stake - and we lose sight of this amidst the cacophony of day to day events.

So - unless we do something along the lines I just voiced - we will continue to spiral in, and at some point the wings will come off - or we will ‘auger in’ - same result.

Does all this blogging help - I don’t know ?


I had a similar journey during the 60s but I went into the pizza business instead with similar unintended consequences. My excuse is there was no super wheat or Roundup then. Because of Fukushima, I could no longer ignore what the science had been telling us all along. Nuclear is insanity. I now live in Ecuador. 99% of the nuclear reactors and 100% of the weapons are in the Northern hemisphere and the air and water masses don’t mix much with the South. The probabilities approach 100%. We don’t know when or where but with rising sea levels and global warming the probabilities are approaching quicker.
Nuclear power was always a scam on the rate paying public. Proof is that only one publicly held utility built a nuclear plant, Sacramento Municipal Utility District. It was rammed through military style by a retired general who was director. The owner/rate payers voted to shut it down because of cost over runs and long term cost analysis. Privately held utilities always thought nuclear wonderful because they get a guaranteed profit margin. The more they spend the more they make.
I am too old to be personally hurt by a nuclear disaster, but in the ten weeks after Fukushima radiation hit the West Coast infant mortality went up 35% from CDC data analysis. In Ecuador when I look at a child I am not bothered by thinking “Is it going to be you or your children or their children?” And when I see a pregnant woman, I can have happy thoughts. They are still spreading the propaganda that nuclear radiation is like a chest Xray or a fly over. Not true!! Those radio nucleotides never existed in nature and end up inside your cells so when they decay they are right next to or inside the DNA. Not equivalent.


This article is ridiculous. If all the cars were electric, then the charging points and electric grid owuld be overwhelmed instead. Better that we have public transportation and intercity rail that eliminates the need for cars - electric or otherwise.


On the subject of electric cars, I feel we are again being sold a bill of goods. The solution to fossil fuels has always been there. The answer was and is ethanol. I know there are all kinds of fossil fuel generated propaganda against ethanol, but if it is done properly it can actually sequester carbon in the soil and reverse global warming.
Here is some education on the subject and I hope you don’t take it too hard. All of civilization has been scammed with the partial exception of Brazil. All their cars are made to run on 100% ethanol.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySnk-f2ThpE


As part of my effort to reduce my carbon footprint, I use a electric motor scooter for virtually all my day to day transportation in all but the worst of weather. Use of that scooter exposes me to a far, far greater risk of premature death than the nuclear power plant near my home.

Nuclear comes way ahead of any way of generating electricity in terms of fatalities per unit energy.

The increased cancer rates experienced from even the Hiroshima survivors amounted to only 0.7 percent.


Reminding people why they hate liberals yet again.


While I generally like Juan Cole, I am embarrassed by this article being on Common Dreams. I own an electric car (2014 Volt) and on a good day the battery gets me 50 miles. The 200 mile range Cole quotes is only for the very newest models that are price-wise mostly out of reach. And Ironically Irma is so huge that to escape Irma’s expected path from South Florida, a trip of 300+ miles, would not even be manageable with the 200 mile range. To inform people of the “state of the art” for electric vehicles is a valid subject, but I say shame on Cole for exploiting the Irma crisis to needle people about this.


Using the photo which accompanied this article gives the impression that “charging” ones electric vehicle would be a snap vs. getting gasoline. Picture instead hundreds of electric vehicles waiting in line to “charge”. Not a pretty picture!


Sadly you are, as most of us are, a victim of corporate controled propaganda. Here is some actual science that might interest you. And is one reason I am now living in Ecuador. I do not want to any longer witness the madness of the North. When I look at a pregnant woman, I want to have happy thoughts.



People with fuel-efficient cars who keep their tanks topped off are in an even better position. Imagine, as one commenter above me said, a line of thousands of electric cars, owners desperately charging their fuel cells for hours and hoping they will be able to get them charged at charging stations en route, as power plant after power plant gets taken offline in advance of the storm’s impact,

Electric cars without the infrastructure to support them are a nightmare in a scenario like Irma, not a benefit, and this article reads like satire because of it.


I’m all for moving away from fossil fuel, but the claim that today’s electric cars could go from Miami to deep inside Georgia on one charge seems specious to me. Under these emergency evacuation situations, northbound traffic was doing about 20 MPH from what I’ve been told.

An electric car would have been getting pretty low north of Orlando.