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People's Climate Returns as Communities Converge for Global Action


People's Climate Returns as Communities Converge for Global Action

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Climate justice activists and community members are coming together throughout the country on Wednesday to demand urgent action from world leaders on the environment, workers rights, social justice, and other issues ahead of next month's United Nations COP21 talks in Paris.

Actions are expected in more than 175 communities across 40 states as part of the National Day of Action on Climate, calling for an end to fossil fuels and investment in sustainable energy and justice for frontline communities.


I cannot understand why GMO agribusiness import/export - fossil fuel dependent from A to Z - is not yet specifically cited as one of the major drivers of massive skewing of dynamics in all concerns mentioned. From the massive use in planting of environmentally degrading monoculture field and CAFO models, "futures markets" financial speculation, to billions required in PR to keep its 'consumer commodities' afloat, it is disaster every step of the way.
Just as the too-big-to-fail banks need to be deconstructed to separate derivatives speculation from the well being of public banking, I would submit that hyper monoculture needs to have a similar critique applied. Public concerns would find an even broader base connecting the dots of an entire spectrum of environmental, nutritional, societal and smaller scale regional sustainable models.
I think of French agriculturalists protesting having conformed to the export model only to have - mid cycle - been cut off by what ultimately amounts to a politically arbitrary economic sanction regime applied to Russia in the wake of the debacle in Ukraine. But thats OK - How many millions of tons of waste is already written into the model so dependent on fossil fuels while billions of people are starving or nearly starving?
But no, lets double-down on asserting this model and work on weather modification and load the skies with strontium, barium and aluminum oxides to ... do what?


i'm certainly with you on industrial agriculture in the era of genetic modification. i'm with your entire post until the closing sentence.

i've followed links that have been posted about "chemtrails" previously, and found zero actual evidence.

i've also thought it through, and come to a similar conclusion as others: The campaign outlined by believers would be massive, involving hundreds of major airports, thousands of specially-equipped airplanes, and thousands of people regularly transporting and loading materials. It makes no sense that there is no evidence for such a massive ongoing industrial enterprise.

Please share with me any evidence you have found that supports your assertion "load the skies with strontium, barium and aluminum oxides..."


Also there are organizations working hard to out industrial ag as a primary driver of climate chaos. You must have come across the series of papers put out over the past couple years by GRAIN, here's one cite i find in a quick search: https://www.grain.org/article/entries/4357-food-and-climate-change-the-forgotten-link


You might be familiar with the documentary - Cowspiracy. Though it focuses primarily on meat, the message is exactly what you are talking about. It also points out that for decades, continuing to today, the big environmental groups have ignored the affects of meat production-through-consumption on global climate change, not to mention regional and local environmental degradation, and deterioration of people's health.


Wish I could. But you're right, I can produce no evidence aside from being a sky watcher all my life and photographing virtually daily over the past five years. I doubt that folks on the west coast who claim that these elements are elevated in soil samples 1000X compared to earlier records are fudging data.
Another assertion is that when introduced at these levels there is a dessication process in stage specific tree growth. Is there a feedback loop between decades of the massive agribusiness chemical presences, commensurate water table drops, massive forest fires? Couple that with things like beetle infestations and things don't look good for the conifer forests. Add clear cuts, forest fires and disappearance of forest litter beds and you're looking at mycorrhizal fungi loss and an entire biological dynamic. Lots of questions


Thanks OG. i have a great deal of respect for you, based on your years of creative posts here, writing important rarely phrased angles on topics, especially calling for respect to indigenous people's voices and cultures and lands.

It's interesting that the links at the Weather Modification Association site you link, are about renewed efforts at cloud seeding, in the face of climate chaos and intense droughts. This certainly provides evidence of governmental and capitalist interest in weather modification, including by California and by China. But cloud-seeding for rain-making (with targeted delivery of chemically inert silver iodide) is an entirely different practice from what is propounded by the "chemtrails" argument (with massive dispersal of highly toxic metals).

Cloud seeding itself is a bad idea, certainly on the massive scale that California and China are considering, which will obviously produce further natural imbalance and vast collateral damage (rain that falls somewhere, does not fall somewhere else, etc.). Such programs can only add fuel to the fires of climate chaos.

To frame my thoughts:

The government and its sponsors commit outrageous crimes, upon a long legacy of outrageous crimes, against humanity and nature. It is tragically likely that - as climate chaos continues to accelerate its perturbations - the self-inflated egos who bestride "the system" will grasp at geoengineering "solutions." Barring imminent system collapse, as disaster piles on top of unprecedented human and Earthly disaster, it will become obvious to "leaders" that the only "rational" way to address impending omnicide caused by "accidental" geoengineering (merely in genocidal pursuit of wealth and power throughout the industrial and fossil fuel eras), is by attempting intentional geoengineering - ultimately, the complete management of the planet's ecology - "to save humanity."

But none of that framework is evidence of - nor provides an explanatory narrative for - a massive program of spraying metals. i remain highly skeptical.