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People's Summit Kicks Off: Moving 'Beyond Resistance' to Forge Just World in Trump Era


People's Summit Kicks Off: Moving 'Beyond Resistance' to Forge Just World in Trump Era

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Thousands of progressive activists are gathering in Chicago to cultivate strategies and foster intersectionality for moving "beyond resistance" to "a people's movement for a just world."


"Transforming the Democratic Party"? Say what?
Or perhaps it should be "Democratic Party: Obsolete or Overhaul?"


Everyone is lying to themselves. A civilization in complete self destruction. Why? Because there is no one coming together to create the agreements with each other as civilians to enter a green power permaculture demonstration. Everyone is expecting the corporate state to continue to supply your power as you continue to drive and consume humanity into a heat engine. From the Gmo non regenerative food web control you are slaves to this paradigm. The miracle is going to come from the developing world when it comes to seeing community enter into micro grids of 100kw solar wind and bio mass. But we have better innovation in OTEC, algae bio diesel, pawlonea food forest bio mass and bio char. Aquaponics and 3D printing automation will reduce work and increase free time in cooperatives but we spiral into chaos in scarcity. What are these agreements going to be? That is the main issue for us but it escapes this toxic civilization time and time again. Where is the incentive for prosperity in humanity when they can't see the innovation?


How about transforming the Democratic Party into the Direct Democratic Party?

It would mean that every law would have to be approved or disapproved by all the people in a continuing series of referendums, aided by secure, encrypted online voting. In effect, it would take money and revolving doors out of politics by making all the people the lawmakers.

Who is afraid of real democracy?


Where are the other progressive democrats like my two i.e. Jeff Merkley and Peter DeFasizo? Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren and many others?


For an opposing viewpoint on the People's Summit check out today's article in the World Socialist Web Site titled "The political fraud of the People’s Summit in Chicago: Sanders, unions seek to refurbish Democrats" at https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/06/09/summ-j09.html

Here's a sample of the contrarian content in the piece:

":The purpose of the People’s Summit is to smother, contain and channel mass opposition to social inequality, unemployment, poverty and the Trump administration’s assault on all the rights of the working class behind the Democratic Party. That is, it seeks to subordinate genuine social anger to the right-wing agenda of sections of the ruling class".


Obsolete and irreparable. We hear this crap every four years, and when the Democrats win, before the cheering stops, they are doing the bidding of their masters just like the Republicans. Both parties leave us poorer, working longer hours for less, with increasingly expensive medical. Those who can get supplemental insurance pay some insurance company several thousand per year for the "privilege."
* The Oilagarchy's duopoly sock puppet show must end. We the People must form a People's Party, dedicated to healing the mess the duopoly has gotten us in and keeps us in. Nowadays, the "Democrats" inundate us with platitudes and plongitudes to sooth us while they continue to rape us and the planet. The "Republicans" no longer give a shit. They are quite open about using us up and throwing us away when we wear out.
* Even today, there must be a lot of honest, dedicated people who will serve the People with honor, actually representing them and their interests instead of groveling at the feet of those who wield the almighty dollar.
* I think this is the only thing that might save us and pull us back from the brink of the abyss before us. Pouring time and money into a defunct party that for a long time has answered to Wall Street is like giving mouth to mouth resuscitation and CPR to a drowned and rotting corpse. Time to bury it and move on.


You know how drug dealers say "The first one is free". Well, that's what too many pols on the "Left" are doing. They have one or two really good points to make and we open our hearts to them, but on the strategic side, they are absent or backwards.

I'm referring to Bernie Sanders headlining the People's Summit. He's not the best choice. In fact, he has proven himself to be a prime apologist for the Dem Party. 1) He betrayed his own (our own) election by NOT FIGHTING THE CORRUPTION IN THE PRIMARY), 2) he was polar to Clinton during the primaries, and then 3) threw his support after her. She's a warmonger. How can you square Sanders?!


"Where are the other progressive democrats like my two i.e. Jeff Merkley and Peter DeFasizo? Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren and many others?"

Probably having lunch with Hilary, jujudahl. lol


If they don't reach out & welcome Greens who have been offering solutions and fighting this battle for decades, they cannot recognize allies and would be hard pressed to create ANY coalition, & unlikely to go beyond making noise.
"Fixing the Dems" is a non-starter colossal waste of time and energy.