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People's Summit: LIVE from Chicago


People's Summit: LIVE from Chicago

- Common Dreams staff

Thousands of progressive activists are gathering in Chicago this weekend to cultivate strategies and foster intersectionality for moving "beyond resistance" to "a people's movement for a just world."


Forgot all about! Thanks CD, I’m on it. We be Jahmin’, here at the river. All in. No one Out. When We the People hear “Progressive”, it’s - All in! No one Out! No “ifs”, “ands” or “buts”! This means the knucklehead corporatists who cash in with their gangster banker “friends” - especially when it comes to carrying their own damn “personhood” weight. Pay those taxes you corporate fools. There is only ONE We the People. That’s all of us. You will get this, you corporate, ne’er-do-well “p-hoods”! lol


I can’t get the live stream to work. Suggestions?



I’ve been hearing that Democrats must unite to win instead of blaming each other. This is likely offered by a Democrat establishment that does not acknowledge its role in losing to Republicans by sabotaging Bernie and pushing a neoliberal candidate. Major reasons why it lost the election.

The DNC is basically asking us to forgive and forget and allow it to stay in power counting its Wall Street bribes while lamenting the lack of bipartisanship. It wants to divert our attention to Trump and Russia and go back to business as usual.

I’m willing to forgive, forget and unite if Bernie voters get proportional representation in the Party machine. In other words a majority that reflects how Bernie beat Trump in the polls.

Giving all Democrats voting privileges in candidate selection and all other issues via secure, encrypted online referendums is a flourishing mechanism for real democracy. The happiest people tend to live in the most direct democracies.

BTW, Please sign these petitions:




Also here - https://www.pplsummit.org/20170610-bo08


No topic discussion directly related to: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: The Intersectionality of Endless Wars; and Why Americans Don’t Have Universal Healthcare, Free College Ed., Living Wages, Good Reirements and Clean Water, Air and Healthy Communities.
Until big P Progressives honestly address the economic root and horrible waste of $$$ the MIC & OILIGARGHY is truly costing this country, they’ll continue to wander in the political wilderness.
They’ll appear joined at hip with the Washington Consensus and tied to the apron strings of Corporate Democratic Apparatchiks/Elected Officials and their Corporate donors. Who may support both, or neither, sides of The Uniparty on certain other issues, but really support the War Hawks in each wing of this Frankenstein monster they created.
You only have to look at the budgets, deficit and national debt to see The Uniparty’s misplaced and sick priorities, historically. It has steadily gotten worse.
I can’t get too excited about much else at this People’s Summit until ending Endless War and substantially decreasing the $$$ and other resources handed over, carte blanche, to this Federal Gov’t. It is truly immoral, unconscionable and completely unsustainable, economically.
I wouldn’t consider even having a dialogue with anyone who doesn’t consider this is the No.1 issue facing the country. They’re either willfully ignorant or bind, or really playing for the other team.


I don’t know that we can ever shake the DNC loose from the oligarchy but I’m glad to see such awareness, political savvy and commitment. This is an important moment but for it to be a revolutionary moment the message of rejecting corporate rule, demanding crowd funded and publicly funded candidates is vital. We also have to overcome corporate media which can be counted on to vilify and lock out any candidate not totally owned and subservient to corporate interests.

As for alternative parties – while vital, they are locked out systemically in most states by many legal obstacles BUT they can be effective in running locally, in changing consciousness and in working with progressives who manage to get elected via the dems to undermine corporate rule and open up the system.


Update: 5pm PT Third party Live stream- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MknMeS5bGQ

Bernie supposed to start at 5 PT


Bernie is on LIVE - https://www.pplsummit.org/20170610-gs02


I will support uniting the Democratic Party only if and when that unification is in the spirit of Albert Einstein’s assertion that “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”.

That spirit has not been evident to date.


I will be encouraged by this effort if – and only if – attendance at the “Transforming the Democratic Party” equals precisely zero.

Progressives in America can only go forward if and only after they destroy the gigantic barrier to progressivism called the Democratic Party.


Thanks Bob, these work.


This one does not work. But thanks.


The only way to achieve a truly progressive political party is to end the Democratic Party and all of us coalesce in the Green Party, already established, already with ballot access, already the fourth largest party in the U. S. We don’t need to reinvent it, just clean things up and rally around. Sanders and Corbyn have shown the way, it can be done. We have to throw off the control of the elites and lobbyists, but it can be done! #Demexit 2017!


Live Sunday! Right Now! - https://www.pplsummit.org/20170611-gs01


Mention of Einstein reminds one that almost a century after…we still haven’t solved any of the issues he was raising in his public concerns and discourses. That’s where we are.


Kshama not a speaker? Gabard neither?


Long established, plenty of ballot access, and utterly ineffectual. Neither Sanders nor Corbyn relied upon such a splinter group.


Uh, Corbyn’s been with a long established party since 1970. He was in it through the New Labour years in the 90s. He would find you nuts for even discussing joining the Greens, he’s a party man through and through.