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People's Summit Offers Hope for a Movement Bigger Than Bernie


People's Summit Offers Hope for a Movement Bigger Than Bernie

Nika Knight, staff writer

A conference organized around the progressive issues that formed the cornerstone of Bernie Sanders' presidential run has re-energized the American left, attendees said, as the gathering provoked conversations and connections that will invigorate political and social movements to come.


"It might turn out that [the Democratic Party is] absolutely
irredeemable," Klein continued, "and we have to organize outside of the
Democratic Party, but let's see how things turn out. Let's see what

The soonest we should know is by the end of the convention, the latest after the November elections. By then it will be crystal clear. Power and wealth and self serving interests are too entrenched inside the D Party for any redemption to be possible.


"The choice between Trump and Clinton is an appalling one, many attendees seemed to agree." I more than agree!

BUT! It WILL HAPPEN. WE will get Trump, because Mrs. Clinton is even more of a liar - and this will deflate the the number of voters. Sure, lightening can strike to prevent this! Like maybe, the banksters announce a press conference, where they promise to come clean about their blatant coup attempt to overthrow the People's will. What would Americans do upon witnessing such a confession? On MSNBC, Fox and CNN and all the corporate news outlets! The People's Summit was a temporary move to address an open wound. The nurses get this. But now - What to do? What to do? We awakened Bernie Movement People must have justice.


This summit and all the times we work together give real hope to getting something done.
How about considering a common caretaker's position by sharing the Golden Rule Pledge/Petition/Proclamation throughout the country and all the groups who are sincerely working for the people and the planet. Wouldn't that offer real strength and power to all we do for the common good?


If something is irredeemable, its worth being very specific about what it is of the baggage that can be converted into ballast - and what cannot be redeemed and WHY it is argued that the baggage must be jettisoned for the wellbeing of the human and natural community.
I'm going to keep interjecting native peoples speaking in philosophical frames of reference because there is ZERO coverage of those whose ancestors contributed the core of the MOST VALUABLE concepts in the Bill of Rights.

For your consideration - Winona LaDuke on Redemption


Thank you for this information I've been looking for more about what was discussed and planned.
The last paragraph pretty much sums up what I think Bernie Sanders is doing by taking this fight all the way to the convention. He will get them all on the record as they choose up sides. If they shut him down the fight will go on outside the party, it has to anyway. As the Democratic party comes apart at least he can say he tried to get them to make the decision for the future. I wish they would accept it but I doubt it.
The news of the Summit is encouraging. I've been saying for a long time that each group would have more power if they coordinated with all the other groups under one umbrella. With all the groups in tow the pressure would be immense. Now that is a movement! Bernie has brought each group into his speeches and referred to them like one cause. He's a very wise man.
This is exactly what is needed.

Has anyone heard any more vote totals out of California???


This is the part of Bernie's movement spitting up as it must. Many people will join this effort that focuses on reforming the Democratic Party but many others will take the third party track and follow Jill Stein of the Green Party. In the election the majority of Bernie's supporters will probably vote for Hillary Clinton and some may decide that the Democratic establishment is not quite as bad as they had thought. Each person will have to decide what path to follow. And what Trump says from here on out and his standings in the polls might play a large role in determining what people decide to do. And perhaps the biggest factor will be what Bernie Sanders decides to do. It is very much up in the air what he is going to do as the process moves forward.


Agreed: To vote for Clinton is to vote for corruption, eternal war, murder of innocent people, wall street criminals and planet destroyers. She is actually the more evil of the two evils running for president. Does not mean I will vote for Trump. Does mean I will be moving down the ballot.


An open letter from Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, about the plan to keep the revolution going :


An excerpt:

"Jill Stein’s Power to the People agenda reflects many of the domestic policies of the Sanders campaign – income equality, climate justice, free public higher education, Medicare for All, immigrant rights, racial justice and an end to mass incarceration. In other areas, Stein goes much further than Sanders, calling for the cancellation of student debt, full public financing of elections, and the creation of public banks. Her rapid transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030 makes wars for oil obsolete, enabling a 50% cut in the dangerously bloated military budget which has made us less safe, not more safe. Stein offers a foreign policy based on international law and human rights, not economic and military domination that has proven so catastrophic."


Check out today's Democracy Now, which has video excerpts of speakers Juan Gonzales, Naomi Klein, and Rosario Dawson. You can see video of the whole 3 days on youtube.


The DP is not open to significant reforms by leftists and true progressives. It never has been and most likely never will be.
The DP has always been a corporate party and "the second most capitalistic political party in the U.S." Remember: "the U.S. has one political party, a bird of prey with two wings."
Leftists have sometimes won temporary "cooperation" and minor "concessions" from the DP, but have never been able to significantly or permanently move the DP to the left.
Read or skim the book by Lance Selfa, "The Democrats: A Critical History."
Especially after the Clintons, the DLC, and other conservative, corporate DINOs have steadily and radically moved the DP far to the right over the last 40 years, why would Klein or Bernie think that the DP will let itself be significantly reformed now?
Especially with the Red Queen and Wicked Witch of the West soon to be enthroned after a rigged and stolen primary season.
Of course "Let's see what happens" at the DP convention...but aside from a few trivial (and temporary) "crumbs" thrown to Bernie and his supporters, the whole history of the DP, the rightward descent of the past 40 years by the DP, and the current extreme corruption of the DP, DNC, and Hillary Machine already tell us "what will happen."
Again, the DP is not open to significant reform by leftists. Bernie and all leftists would be wiser to leave the DP forever and dramatically -- and then try to unite all leftist parties and groups into one, bigger, and stronger leftist, populist, progressive third party that steadily gains on and then surpasses the corrupt, corporate "duopoly" parties.


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"People's Summit Offers Hope for a Movement Bigger Than Bernie"
HOPE AND a couple of bucks will get you a cup of coffee and not much else.
We heard this Story of Hope from Obama.....Yep- we certainly got what he peddled....a great deal of Hope ..and Beliefs.
Here we go again....with the People's Summit. Yep...you True Believers in Bernie who are attending this People's Summit.....
Better make a quick read and decide....For The Dem Party has you where they want you ....Hoping and Believing.....as long as they can contain and hold out Hope to you, they will have achieved their goal of Miniimizing the True Opposition.....


I moved my comment over to Hedges' article, "Con vs. Con."


YouOld Goat- THANK YOU for this posting!! The Democratic & Republican Parties are Neither Redeemable, nor Apologetic.
The Green Party is our only hope of Redemption here. Back in the Day- which side would HRC & Trump be on?--Same side as Andrew Jackson.
Great Posting and Great Wisdom... Really enjoyed the story of the Sacred Seeds..


RE Klein's 'let's see how much we can get the Democratic Party to democratize before bailing out':

"Klein argued that the 'fight in the Democratic Party does matter in the coming weeks. People are going to see how far they can take this attempt to democratize the Democratic Party. They're pushing on all fronts, they're going to see what they can come up with...It might turn out that [the Democratic Party is] absolutely irredeemable...and we have to organize outside of the Democratic Party, but let's see how things turn out. Let's see what happens.'"


1) framing the issue this way implicitly limits Sanders supporter demands to a more 'inclusive' platform...and, perhaps, indefinite rumblings about 're-looking at' super delegates or super-pacs; nothing binding, nothing about checking a presidential nominee's power through commitments to progressive cabinet members (seems warren is off the vp short list);

2) because no specific demands of the Democratic Party have been formulated in advance, there will be nothing specific to demand leading up to the convention, and no tangible, specific way of judging whether the DNC has met particular demands.

3) That is why Sanders supporters must charge the Sanders and his platform delegates with advancing the demands we want.


It was always bigger than Bernie, and it still is. And it's not about summits and recognizable names and new parties. It's about people who vote for candidates for public service. If we don't manage to break the Demo Party (note the future tense) this time, there will be such a ruckus that partisan politics will never again put loyalty above service and principles and issues in selection of a president.

Becky Bond, a former senior adviser to the [Sanders] campaign, ... said, 'Bernie didn't create this movement. He recognized the movement moment we are in.'"

Indeed. Bernie woke the next generations of Americans, who will not stand for being told who their leaders are.


If the Bernie supporters fall in with The Shill & Company they are a less dynamic party than the Retched Repubs. Who have ex-presidential candidates supporting Gary Johnson and his Libertarian Party. They also have The Trumpster Wing which looks and acts like Netanyahu's Likud Party and the Chamber of Commerce wing which likes the Bushytailed Bunch for obvious reasons. We need Bernie supporters to back and campaign for their political soulmates, The Greens. Anything else is a capitulation to the Clintonista Clan. Who are led by war criminals and financial criminals. The idea should be to keep her under her husband's 43% in 1992. That way her militaristic tendencies can be held in check by the Democratic Senate. We've won on some important issues regarding 15 bucks, etc.


The people's summit is just a charade as long as it is limited to left wing Democrats alone.
In order to be successful. it would have to be inclusive of ALL progressives.
Since they did not let the noted progressive Jill Stein speak, tells me that they are intent on splitting the progressives and thereby preserving the status quo.

This is not progressive, it is divisive and aiding the establishment
Think, before you fall into this trap!


Just wanted to say that I agree with all that you’re thinking. We’ll see how the Democratic Party treats Bernie, how he reacts, and then our decision will be easier. This conference was timely and valuable. Good for Naomi Klein and Democracy Now…