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People's Summit: Progressive Gathering Fertilizing Momentum of Bernie's Revolution


People's Summit: Progressive Gathering Fertilizing Momentum of Bernie's Revolution

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Harnessing the broad desire for "transformative change," thousands are expected to gather this weekend in Chicago for a three-day event centered around many of the progressive issues that Bernie Sanders put at the forefront of his presidential campaign.


If this political revolution doesn't take hold many more people may contemplate leaving this country (if they can afford it).

I think about leaving this country every day. Not sure where to go and I don't think I can afford to leave--- even if I figured out where to go.

Every time I encounter a hostile person (on the road or in public places) that looks like they could open fire at any time I think about leaving this country. "Every time" = every day, at least once a day.

My daughter had lock down drills at her high school on a regular basis.
There were evacuations due to bomb threats and they now have security guards during school hours. And this is in middle class suburbia, surrounded by chem lawns and 3 car garages (I had a hard time selling my house because it had a 2 car garage---shame!).

Each day that I picked her up from school and there wasn't an incident that could have resulted in tragedy I was relieved . . . and would think about leaving this country.

And then there's health care, environmental issues, income inequality----the endless, gut wrenching list.


From article:
Who’s living longer in America? The rich are living longer. The wealthy are living longer. But if you make under $30,000 a year, or even under $50,000 a year, you/re not living longer.

So the idea is how do we avoid having to pay Social Security for the lower-income people, you know, the middle class and the working class that die quicker, and only pay social security for the wealthier classes that live longer?

Nobody’s somehow plugged this discussion of lifespans and longevity into the Social Security debate that Obama and Hillary are trying to raise the retirement age, to ostensibly save Social Security.

By save Social Security she means to avoid taxing the higher brackets and paying for Social Security out of the general budget, which of course would entail taxing the higher-income people as well as the lower-income people.


I had those same thoughts. The cost to attend (although there was a sliding scale) was significant as well. Of course I get a bit turned off whenever I see the words "reception in ball room of McCormick Place" which is owned by the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority and run by:

Jack Greenberg
McDonald's Corp. (Retired)
Julie Chavez
Bank of America

Terrance McGann
Whitfield, McGann & Ketterman
Olga Camargo
Toroso Investments

UBS Global Asset Management
(Americas) Inc.
David Kahnweiler
Colliers International

Roger J. Kiley, Jr.

Roger J. Kiley Jr. P.C.

Couldn't they have had this at a place like Yasgur's farm instead of in the belly of the beast?


Recently I received an email from Socialist Party member Sawant admonishing me to support the formation of a new party. I am curious to hear what she has to say in her presentation at the Summit.

Seeing how it is already a global party with electeds already holding office abroad, will Sawant embrace the Green Party as the best way forward with the revolution that Senator Sanders got rolling on a national scale in the US ?


Sawant seems to be the anomaly among this group. She's long advocated for Sanders to run as an independent, and she's from Socialist Alternative, not the Democratic Party.


Dual Process: The Only Game in Town


When you count the votes it would appear that the majority of voters in the Democratic primaries voted by a pretty large margin for a pragmatic liberal agenda. That wold seem to be the message sent to the Democratic Party. So how does Bernie's political revolution square with the voting results? That would seem to be a central problem that should be addressed at this point. Did talk of revolution and socialism scare people away from Bernie and led them to vote for Hillary? That also needs to be addressed. Hillary had extremely high unfavorable numbers yet she still clearly won. Why? Bernie drew large enthusiastic crowds and still lost. Why? Barack Obama also drew such crowds in 2008 and defeated Hillary by a slight margin. He had a less sweeping agenda then Bernie did although Obama also ran as the candidate promising change.. Is there any lesson to be learned from comparing the 2008 race with the 2016 race?


Gosh, Lrx, why? None of us here have any information and ideas about how this all played out. Please enlighten us!


Listening to Shaun King now online at the People's Summit. He talked about how in previous campaigns once it was over candidates just disappeared. Even with Obama, once he got elected all the excitement he generated disappeared and it became business as usual--thank you, you've done your job, you can now go back to your lives, and then he went on to become just another president.

King also mentioned how the DNC was 'historically unethical" in how they ran this campaign. Someone shouted out "it's not over". Someone else yelled "indictment". King responded "Even if she were indicted, the Democratic party will stand with her, say the indictment is a sham . . . so don't hold on for an indictment." Hate to admit it, but this is true. The DNC will never let Bernie be the nominee, even if it took election fraud (as it did). In my mind, this makes Bernie's run more heroic. Like Jefferson Smith, "hopeless causes are the only ones worth fighting for".

Perhaps the way to see Bernie's campaign is as a movement in a line of movements that includes the women's rights, civil rights and gay rights movements, Occupy Wall Street and, I hope, the coming movement to take back control of our food.

Maybe Bernie's campaign took us past the moment of critical mass that will now take us to environmental justice, universal health care, affordable college, healthy food, a stronger social safety net, fairer taxation, an end to interventionist wars, an end of Empire, equal justice and lower incarceration rates, a living wage, more worker owned cooperatives.

One thing Bernie did accomplish was to lay bare the problems, called them out by name, and showed us a path to the solution.


Honestly, after reading Noam Chomsky's recent paper on nuclear weapons and the numerous close calls we've had with total annihilation the last 70 yrs. I think ridding ourselves of all of them and the reactors has to take top billing still. Why? Because , according to the good Prof. sooner or later our collective luck is going to run out and the some or all of these things are going to be used. We won't have to worry about Climate change or anything else if that happens will we. So, before the Revolution gets rolling I think we should soberly access the odds of our civilization surviving our still formidable inventory of WMD's ( primarily our H-weapons.)


Comparing Obama's 2008 campaign to 2016, once the June primaries confirmed that he would be nominated, he quickly "pivoted" to adopting all of Clinton's positions that had previously diifferentiated him from Clinton, except the Iraq invasion issue, (he was never in a position to actually vote on it in 2003, only render an opinion, that like our opinions at the time were of no value). Obama also quickly confirmed that he would forego public financing thereby opening the corporate money floodgates.

The rest was "hope and change" which turned out to prove only that hope plus three bucks buys a good cup of coffee and change is what you tip the barista with.


The focus, I think, needs to stay on the issues that are uniting this movement. As this movement grows, a leader will push forward to advocate for these causes as our voice in legislation. The triumph is that the conversation is at the forefront. Regardless of who might be running for office in 2016, this is a movement! It must be maintained and that takes vigilance. I did not see this political movement growing out of reaction to the obscenities of the oligarchy. I saw protesters beat down in New York and around the country in Occupy movements. This article is a reminder that we really need to continue to speak to these issues.


I am concerned that they did not let Jill Stein speak, and that the people are being spoken to instead of listened to. It seems more like a way to let Berners let off steam without destroying the DNC. The real revolution requires that the people take action, and that the people speak even if that means third party people. I think many of the speakers are great people, but I see this as a Disney World of activism. Where is Greenpeace? Where were the "keep in the ground" activists? Why was Jill kept out? That is really suspicious.


Hillary did NOT "win"! Hillary STOLE many of the primaries (with the help of the DNC, local DP crooks, and the corporate media)!

The two questions of yours (Lrx) that I quoted above absolutely require legal, ethical, honest, and complete answers from impartial and fair investigators -- but my knowledge of your comment history makes me feel and believe that you are insinuating a pro-Hillary and anti-Bernie spin by your asking of these two questions. Do you want true answers?

I will never forget (or forgive) Hillary, the DNC, the corporate media (and Obama -- see #10) for election rigging and stealing acts such as the following:

1) Hillary using financial incentives to "secure" hundreds of state DPs and delegates before any other candidates even entered the race, before any voters voted, and before Bernie's campaign was widely known. (This dirty trick scared away many candidates and resulted in only 3 "fringe" candidates running against Hillary, the presumed Queen.)

2) Debbie and the DNC scheduling a tiny fraction of the number of debates that Obama and Hillary had in 2008. And Debbie and the DNC scheduling those few debates when the TV audience would least watch and learn about Bernie and his goals and values.

3) The corporate media suppressing the voters' knowledge about Bernie by first ignoring Bernie's campaign, then disparaging and ridiculing Bernie, then prematurely calling for Bernie to drop out of the race, then prematurely calling Hillary the winner -- and the media failing to adequately investigate or cover the full truth about the many various dirty tricks of stealing the elections by Hillary, the DNC, and DP crooks throughout the many primaries. (For example, Nevada, Arizona, Brooklyn, California, etc., etc., etc.)

4) The corporate media continuously including the super-delegates for Hillary in the delegate counts (despite Debbie and the DNC telling the media not to do so, because the super-delegates can change their minds by July 25). This dirty trick by the media made many voters wrongly think that Hillary had a huge lead and that Bernie could not possibly win.

5) The AP and the corporate media announcing the spurious "news" that Hillary had secured the DP nomination the very evening before California, New Jersey, and other states voted -- when that "news" was not true!

6) Local DP crooks telling election volunteers to "push" provisional ballots (which often are not counted) onto Independent voters in the Democratic primaries in many states, when Independent voters have voted mostly for Bernie.

7) Hundreds of thousands of voters (in total) being unable to vote due to many various dirty tricks -- most of whom most likely would have voted for Bernie, because they were mostly in Bernie's demographic groups (students and young people, poor and working-class people, etc.).

8) All (or almost all) of the election "irregularities" (a euphemism for dirty tricks and crimes!) benefited Hillary over Bernie. What a strange coincidence: 6 of 6 coin tosses favoring Hillary. Bernie's voters systematically suppressed.

9) Debbie and the DNC scheduling the many primaries in the conservative southern states early in the primary season to give the voting public the false belief that Hillary had a huge lead that Bernie could never catch up to.

10) Obama withholding Hillary's emails about the TPP until after the elections. Obama prematurely endorsing Hillary before the California votes are fully counted and reported, and before the super-delegates vote around July 25. And most likely (although I am speculating here), Obama probably ordering the FBI and the DOJ to not indict Hillary for her State Dept. email crimes and for her Clinton Foundation crimes. We know Obama's "m.o." after 7.5 years!

11) Hillary failing to release transcripts of of her many $250,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street oligarchs. Why would Hillary hide what she told the super-rich banksters unless she was selling out the voters -- and doesn't want the voters to know.

12) Hillary breaking her promise to debate Bernie just before the California primary (even though she repeatedly said she would be the DP nominee, and thus supposedly had nothing to fear by debating Bernie).

Please add others to this list, as I have probably forgotten other dirty tricks and crimes that rigged and stole this primary season and DP nomination from Bernie.

I have never seen a dirtier, more corrupt, more criminal primary season by a DP candidate, by the DP, and by the corporate media in my many years as a DP member!

I think it is a result (and a reveal) of how the U.S. political and economic systems have been corrupted by 1%ers' big and dirty money during the present and during the past 35 to 40 years!

This is not the same nation that I grew up in!!!

As a result, I have left the DP forever and will not vote for DP candidates. I will vote for the Green Party to support the two basic causes in my name: SaveDemocracy_SaveLife.


The Green Party is a global party in a global age that demands global solutions.

The Democratic and Republican parties, trapped within the borders of the US, functioning in a model that became obsolete for the 99% forty years ago, are carrion that needs to be eaten by buzzards. The sooner this happens, the sooner the Green Party can grow as it has in other nations. 10% of Germany's Bundestag members are Greens, for example.


I agree, first we need to secure our survival, then we will have time to work to improve everything else.

Nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants, and global warming should come first with most of our efforts.

BTW, I just bought the book "Nuclear War and Environmental Catastrophe" by Noam Chomsky and Laray Polk.

You might want to check it out, if you haven't read it or heard about it already.


Hi Caroline,

Thank you for your thoughtful, heartfelt comment -- and for the link which I'll read later tonight or tomorrow for sure.

My quick response, because I have to leave now.

1) This is an important dilemma: do we leave because our nation's political-economic system left us (and abuses us)? Or do we stay and work/fight to win OUR nation back?

2) If the good guys leave the U.S. (physically or mentally) then the bad guys have less opposition, and the U.S. gets worse even faster.

3) If I left (pun intended, for I need comic relief of my pain and despair!), I would move to one of the Scandinavian nations -- except that I physically just am not able to tolerate extremely cold winters.

4) I'm also attracted to New Zealand and Australia -- but they have made immigration almost impossible.

5) I like Pacific Islands too -- but they are being drowned or harmed by rising ocean levels, tropical storms, and rising temperatures, etc.

6) Much of Asia, Latin America, and Africa are going to get so hot that I foresee millions of refugees leaving those areas in coming decades.

7) Mostly that leaves Canada (pretty cold for me, but not for others) and the Mediterranean parts of Western Europe -- but Europe, like the U.S., is dominated by neo-lib and neo-con 1% rulers who are harming the workers and the poor, and are waging class war, cold war, and hot wars.

8) The poor and working-class people who need to emigrate most, have the least money and can least afford to move.

Any ideas or response to this dilemma?


And "fertilizing" can mean covering with manure or ****ing on!



You also took the high road. (My respects to you.)

Ok, I really must leave now. See you next week!


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