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People's Summit Vows to Transform Resistance into Power


People's Summit Vows to Transform Resistance into Power

David Schwenk

Progressive organizers, activists, and politicians gathered this weekend in Chicago for the Second Annual People's Summit and delivered an emphatic message to the Democratic Party that lost to Donald Trump: We are the future of this country, and only our people's movement toward justice will achieve victory at the ballot box. As keynote speaker Senator Bernie Sanders thundered to a wildly jubilant crowd, “The current strategy of the Democratic Party is an absolute failure.


“Turning resistance into power” will require starting a 12 step program for corporate money addiction since that is the only hope for the Democratic Party to start embracing the agenda of its base.


I knew this would be a powerful event, too much energy available everywhere.

Last Chicago People’s Summit I inadvertently showed up for was 1968.
We arrived the night the checkered hats were doing their foremost explanation to those gathering in the streets. Why is that street blocked and Where Did All these People Come From? What do you think about this guy McGovern.

It Changed History Forever. We are at such a time now.

Securing the Integrity of the Vote is the Source of Winning the Vote.

For God’s sake, I will return to the finger dipped in the ink well if if will bring Integrity.

The other source of Power to the People is what it has been all along.
Run Local, Look 'em in the Eye, Tell Your Truth, Demand Fairness.

We can take this Back starting from the Bottom and heading to the Top


Actually it was Eugene McCarthy, not George McGovern competing in 1968. McGovern was nominated in 1972.

Both would have been far superior choices compared to the other candidates in those races.


It can’t depend on Bernie Sanders alone. If he would work with some other people and form a Government in Exile to get proposals ready and to appear to the populace to be a White House staff and Cabinet organized and ready to step up, move in, and start straightening things out, that could show that he and we are serious and weren’t just spewing out slogans,