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Perceived "Lack of Basic Decency" Dogging Biden's First 24 Hours on Campaign Trail

I’ve already cut the cable/satellite TV years ago so I don’t have to worry about that. If I ever do see a display of him it will be of one of the internet pundits tearing him to shreds.


Boy is it time for the GUILLOTINE!

Pwr 2 the ANGRY peons!
GUILLOTINE ALL 3RD WAY DEMORATS! (And yes, I spelled it that way intentionally!)


Yeah, a long time ago, maybe the Green New Deal will do some good for the masses, let’s hope so!


Right ON, Wolfess!!  I’ve suggested the Guillotine several times previously, and not just for the DimwitRats.  Of course with the circular firing squad that they’re setting up Guillotines may not be necessary — I just hope they take out all the “stoopordelegates” while they’re at it . . .


You forgot how they will then claim they lost because they were “pushed too far Left” by Sanders, Gabbard, and Warren and they now have the winning strategy - win the middle by moving even farther right! Rinse. Repeat.


"Off With Their Bigheadedness."

I know that’s not a real word so I guess I just made one up.


You’re so right Norman Thomas!

Thanks for that comment.

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Like Unc Fester suggests, it’s been before my time, in the 20’s or 30’s since the Democratic Party Establishment really did for the people what they deserve.


Have you seen this one?


LBJ’s Civil Rights program, Medicare?

"We have lost the South for a generation" after he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Pretty gutsy


Biden is not there to Win as much as he’s there to make sure Bernie doesnt


years of coaching and practice

We have no chance at freedom until we sever our ties with the Democrat Party as a defense against corporate hegemony, and war unto death.


How does the chance at freedom get better by cutting ties to the democrats? Just wondering.

People in this country are addicted to these two corporate political parties.


The classic us vs. them mentality. You gotta be on one side or the other. Most of us grew up watching our parents birch and moan about the Republicans or the Democrats and that shit sinks in when you’re a kid.

So, you grow up and one of the first adult decisions we all make is to register to a political party. A lot of us choose the same party our parents belong to. Some of us don’t. But, the majority of us, at least back in the 60’s when I first registered, picked one of what has now turned out to be, one of the two corporate controlled, warmongering Duopoly parties that are now conspiring together to completely divide the nation, and take turns at ruling from an elitist position, where the wealthy have bought all of the politicians and had them change the laws to protect them from being held accountable for their greed.

Sever all ties with both of these parties.

Make their names synonymous with corruption.

Find a third party and support it with your life.

"People, Planet, and Peace Before Profit."


Nice sentiment, but I see almost no evidence that that will be a reality anytime soon. You have many tens of millions of people that will not throw their vote away. In that a vote that counts toward a win.

Is it really a win though G, when you put “another” Neo-Liberal, Warmongering, Corporate Tool in to continue the same policies that always benefit the few, at the expense of the many?


I refuse to do that one more time in the few remaining years that I have on Earth.

You may wish to leave your sons a progressively fucked up world, but I doubt you’ll look at it that way.

I’m sorry G, I won’t be a party to allowing this group of subhumans who believe they’re above the laws we’re all subject to.

You’ll have to be the one to do that.

Winning, by losing your soul, isn’t winning at all.


Not withstanding Joe and his son Hunter Biden have been involved in an ongoing corruption scandal with a certain Ukrainian oil company, but even Joe Biden admitted to being a corporate prostitute, a real whore to gaining power. But is he any different than any fascist politician? Now let’s Joe himself explain how a pile of shit remains a pile of shit:



It is hard for me to accept any position that would knowingly see Trump in power for six more years PB. I find that disturbing and frankly, an immoral thing to be a part of. Bernie or bust.


I don’t blame you or anyone else for how you choose to vote G. We’re all Americans, given the right, the privilege, to choose those we wish to represent us in government.

That’s what it’s all about. Nothing more, nothing less.

In America, we can choose either good or evil. We all don’t see these two things the same way.

What a country.

G, I love Bernie too, but he will not be the Democratic nominee. You will have Biden to vote for. Prepare yourself now. This is how the Democratic Party Establishment rolls.

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