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Perceptions of Opportunities and Equality Differ Widely Along Racial Lines



I was recently talking with an African-American acquaintance who a couple of years ago was searching for a job. She said that the area she was living in at the time was considered "ghetto" and she was not getting responses from her job applications. Then she began using a P.O. box, and the resume spoke for itself! She said she had many callbacks and managed to get the job she is in now!

It made me feel so disgusted at a system that judges people for the neighborhood they live in or zip code when seeking a job - that could be coming from a "black" neighborhood or a low-income one!
Something has got to give. Get the racists of any political party OUT of office and let's get some reforms in order. Time for Equal Opportunity for all who can do the job!


What? Racism is NOT dead and gone...a thing of the past? (Tongue-in-cheek sarcasm).

Another eliminating factor for many job seekers of all colors is credit...many college grads carrying massive student debts struggling to keep up payments or asking for forebearance on student-loans get dinged on credit reports for those debts and forebearance requests.

Many job seekers that lost their employment due to cutbacks/layoffs/jobs-moved- overseas struggle to make ends meet and their credit reports suffer. Bad credit reports eliminate many of jobseekers. A real Catch-22. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Gotta keep a labor pool for those low wage/minimum wage jobs in the service sector, I guess.

What a tragedy!


Surveys like this are important to dispel the head in the sand denialism of white conservatives. Carefully conducted and therefore valid surveys such as this can bitch slap these people who insist that blacks are poor and unemployed because they haven't been trying hard enough and that all they need to do is try instead of sitting around and lazily collecting welfare. The vast majority I see, and I see hundreds every month, tell me they would much rather be out working than sitting around being bored at home. People get a sense of self worth that being employed offers them and when they aren't employed they desire that sense of self worth. They aren't just happily milking the welfare system and that's a misperception that needs to be effectively dispelled.


It interesting to note that among whites there the perception that the black lives matter movement distracts from the issue of racial discrimination.

In essence what is being said here is the white persons who responded in such a matter feel that blacks should be neither seen or heard when discussing this issue.
They should not make themselves visible in other words.

I guess following this line of reasoning if the remain silent it than follows there no longer discrimination.