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Perez Tries to Justify Failure to Prioritize Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/18/perez-tries-justify-failure-prioritize-climate-crisis

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Tom Perez is a Political Action Committee impersonating a human being.


The DNC would then have to allow every other candidate’s issue-specific debate ideas.

That this is spurious is obvious when you realize that he also threatened to penalize anyone who participated in a climate change debate outside the DNC auspices as well. Nothing has changed in the DNC since 2016. They are still deceitful, corporate shills.

Someone needs to show him the photo of the dogs ankle deep in water on top of an ice flow, in June. And there is still July and August to go.


By the way…I also recommend Democratic candidates not go on Fox News because people might actually see them.


An apple cart loaded with rotten apples mushier than the day is long - oops… what if it gets upset?
I support the Green New Deal not only for what it can produce, but also because one of my dearest wishes is to empty that horrifically smelly apple cart and then clean it up.


Tom Perez and the DNC are sooooo corrupt! Jay Inslee, the Governor of Washington State, wants to discuss the climate crisis in the upcoming Democratic debates but has been told that subject will not be allowed. I think Jay needs to get out of the Democratic Party and join the Green Party who would completely embrace his climate emergency agenda.


Absolutely! The Greens are unified on most all issues that Democrats are divided over!


The d-party is clearly doubling down on their 2016 strategy: try to attract likely voters – older, wealthier, moderate – while writing off the lower turnout youth and younger minority votes. That will get them the same results. But as we all know, the Ds would rather lose with a centrist than win with a liberal. Perez’s corporate donation gravy train depends on that formula.

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Dear Pia, I am a retired physicist (Ph.D.) who lived in NM for 13 years and now lives in NC. Available data show that the average temperature of the oceans has risen about one degree in recent years and is continuing a gradual rise. This is a tremendous increase in the surface heat energy of our planet. The typical American citizen cannot understand the significance of this fact and of the likely result of an exponential (runaway) heat increase within the foreseeable future. In addition, as you are aware, we face powerful lobbying by the fossil fuel industry and derision by politically-driven ignoramuses who don’t have a clue about the issue. It does not help that we have Democratic leaders in charge who review the matter as a non issue. We cannot change these facts, and we must try different tactics based on the regular devastation we are experiencing in the weather, as opposed to long-term climate changes. I have some ideas for doing so. If you are interested, please contact me.