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'Perfect Illustration of Israel's Racist Apartheid Policies': Netanyahu Denounced for Barring Muslim Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/15/perfect-illustration-israels-racist-apartheid-policies-netanyahu-denounced-barring


Thanks again CD and Eoin for covering this so well: “over their critiques of Israel and the U.S. and how the two countries pursue imperialist policies.”


I was very much looking forward to seeing Tlaib and Omar tour Hebron with former Israeli soldier turned peace activist, Avner Gvaryahu, from the group Breaking the Silence.

Netanyahu has clearly declared himself to be Trump’s bitch.


So this is what a blow-hard know it all who thinks he is King of America comes up with.


Now here’s a good reason to impeach Trump (another one, of course). And a perfectly valid reason for barring all aid to Israel until they recognize the political status of elected representatives.

So get to it.


Paraphrasing Woody Allen, I don’t want to visit a country that would let me in.

Allen’s theism also intrigues me, “God’s not dead. He’s an underachiever.”

The man has a priceless wit.


Don’t worry, Steny Hoyer and Nancy are on the case. They’ll maybe, possibly, probably, at some future date, send a sort of strongly worded email to Bibi.
Oh, and what about gun control, Jeffry Epstein, mass shootings, the collapsing bond market? Already forgotten my friends…


I am sure democrats will call for the stop of all funding going to Israel ??? The people of this country have NO understanding what the US and the people supporting the creation of isreal have done to the people of Palestine. This is one of the great Veils in our CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE in which we live.


His zany film Bananas has plenty of political commentary.


As he is manipulated by everyone from Fox News to David Duke, the Loser, Moron Trump has shown himself to be everyone else’s bitch.


Hi SkepticTank:
Oh, let’s see: Trump gave Jerusalem to Netanyahu, and in turn , Netanyahu gave Trump stolen land that will be named after Trump ; Trump Heights.= an irony as to the
DEPTHS to which the office of the Presidency has fallen. : 0


Pelosi and Hoyer should demand that a couple of dozen of the most rabid anti-Palestinian members of Bibi’s cabinet be denied visas, and have all of their assets in American banks frozen or seized. Not that it would happen, but just to let them know which way the wind could blow when the Orange Turd is gone in a few months.


Barring these two Congresswomen of color is not the worst scandal–how Epstein, Cohn and other creeps tie in with Mossad and the CIA from Whitney Webb:


A president turns against the citizens and elected representatives of his own country? This is serious. Where do his loyalties lie? The man’s time is up but nothing happens in the Divided States of America.


Hi reader321:
Sometimes it takes while for people to realize that they are actually living that experience of the slow boiling frog in a pot!
Well the upper echelon of people in France of 1789 didn’t think anything negative would ever happen to them either. I guess they thought that the poor and unhappy would never organize : (—and too, England thought they’d teach those colonies a thing or two----NOT! So the Powers That Be are often turned into the new powerless-----there’s just no accounting as to what people will do if they get angry enough!


It is no longer astonishing how low this nation of ours has sank in the 21st century. Barring Congress members from visiting a state is that state’s right but it will backfire, at least I hope it does. Instead of peaceful, constructive pursuits after the Cold War ended the leadership went on an imperialist tear destroying peace and prosperity for the whole of the planet. Just think what could happen if the Israeli govt stopped stealing Palestinian land and the US govt stopped giving them almost $4 billion a year, no strings. $7-9 trillion, and counting, to tear things asunder and destroy any chance of a transition to a green way of living within our means. Just think what a reversal of policy in the 21st century could have produced. The US will go down in flames. Not if, but when, the only question remaining. Peace


Nitwityahoo, has now shown the world, he and Twerp are more interested in dissing perceived personal enemies, than participating in a Democratically run government.

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Me too!   Or, to be more grammatically correct, So Was I!!

Or vice-versa . . .

BDS, Baby!   BDS!!!


sadly, as long a chucky israel and skeletor are running the show, this kind of crap will continue. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump checked with Nancy first to get her okay. And you know she would’ve loved the idea. She hates that girls club with a burning passion.


Very clear insight.