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'Perfect Illustration of Israel's Racist Apartheid Policies': Netanyahu Denounced for Barring Muslim Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib

His wife is no better:

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Hi stardust. You forgot the train station too.

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Just great giovanna. Thankyou for that. Pity he is dead.

Can’t wait for the day Sen. Tlaib or Sen. Omar are head of the Senate Intelligence Committee…or president would be okay too.

Such is life in the Twilight Zone…

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Israel may want to be more circumspect at some point.

It has been accumulating enemies on the left and right in America and counting on a minority of wealthy supporters to maintain support.

Sort of like the NRA.

In a decade or two, objection will dwarf support and Israel may find itself without its major defendant.

Then what?

She (and he) will skate with slaps on the wrist.

Common Dreams has apparently pulled my post on this article that I made yesterday. I had 11 recommends the last time I checked. Also, I said something negative about Pelosi, Schumer and other corporate Dems. So CD, why did you erase my previous post?

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Hi NorthernBob-----
I think Israel will run out of water long before that. The land is already sinking along with the Netanyahu philosophy!

Israeli law prohibits the entry into Israel of those who call for, and work to impose, boycotts on Israel, as do other democracies that prevent the entry of people believed to be damaging to the country. I have no problems with that.

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I think you will find that they made “criticisms” of Israel - not “critiques.”

A critique is a carefully balanced analysis, based on rigorous research. If I tell you that Donald Trump is racist or a fascist, I am certainly criticising him - but, without detailed, balanced evidence, it could not be called a critique.

There are analysts who indeed critique such things as, say, “The Israel Lobby,” by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. It is a very long, very dry, academic document — which the two senators might well have read, even quoted — and it made a stir because it was fairly irrefutable.

I don’t think either of them has written such a careful analysis of Israel’s politics, culture or history.

First, if you’re going to criticize people make sure you betray some knowledge of what’s going on: they’re Representatives, not Senators. The fact that you make such an elementary mistake shows you’re not really following this controversy. Re the “critique” vs. “criticism” thing, this is just sophistry. Omar has already made essentially the same point that Mearshimer and Walt did at length: it’s all about the Benjamins. She’s also got a point by point on her twitter feed. People don’t have to append a 300 page book to their political critiques every time they say something. By this standard your criticism is sloppy and poorly reasoned. But I don’t see a need to use that standard. It’s sloppy all on its own.

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The truth is that BDS is antiIsrael and the hope of Islam is to destroy it. Read the Qur’an/Hadiths and see for yourself. Its a very old Supremacist competition of Warlords but passed on generation after generation. Also look at how many Jewish heads rolled for Mohammed around Medina…I feel sorry for every Muslim born into the total brainwashing of Warlords for the Empire who they mistake for “Allah”. Do read their Qur’an to see the bigotry and persecution and listen to sermons of today. Iranian Shia read the same book and independently Jihad the same cause but with themselves as Supreme. Islam is causing trouble all over the world, messing with peoples minds and inciting so many to fight anyone (every religion and nonreligion) who will not Follow Allah as commanded. Its sicker than Evangelicals. Much more brutal, totalitarian, apartheid, oppressive & insistent than Evangelicals. We should not be involved or seduced into this fanatical mob. People think its righteous but it is anything BUT righteous.