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'Perfectly Legal' Levels of Contaminants in US Tap Water Could Result in 100,000 Cancer Cases: New Study

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/19/perfectly-legal-levels-contaminants-us-tap-water-could-result-100000-cancer-cases


I repeat for the umteenth time Humans are the most stupid of animals.


No doubt trump and his “regulatory” agency stooges will “roll-back” even more regulations that tried to protect the health and safety of the public. When the public are put at risk and the risks are well-known, when people die from that de-regulation to benefit polluters and the chemical poison industry it is criminal - criminal negligence that equated to murder in one degree or another. The trump regime is complicit or responsible for the deaths - killings - of numerous US citizens (as well as refugees) in the most reprehensible regime in American history; a regime and head of that government that has committed numerous criminal acts - why do you think they try to hide so much? The trump tax returns likely contain many “smoking gun” revelations and evidence of crimes and of course lies - yet another evasion of truth by this odious regime of depraved parasite corrupt scum and killers!


Only 100 thousand? Shit, that ain’t bad.
That pile of bodies will not nearly be high enough to make Americans take notice.

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Time for the people to take back their government . It’s not working for the highest good of all
Life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.
Listen to the words of Marianna Williamson.

“Perfectly legal” describes so many dire situations as this. If a certain act is legal, then the government (via Secretaries of State, that issue corporate charters) and its legislatures are ultimately responsible for said legality.

If you can’t petition your water district to remove fluoridation, there are economical filtration systems available that remove fluoride. They also filter out pesticides and other things we would probably rather not know about.