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'Perilously' Outdated Voting Machines Threaten 2016 Election, Report Finds



The 2 $Billion, HAVA legislation after the 2000 election compounded the election machine problem by encouraging electronic voting machines with no paper trail, and no way to check the internal program. The election official I talked to was concerned she couldn't call anybody to replace, or fix broken machines that were old 8 years ago. She didn't seem to mind that a private company counted the votes behind "proprietary software" because the assumption being government representatives won't let private companies cheat. "Absolutely not" quoth she.


Well, the old machines won't be hard to find. They'll all be in Democratic precincts.


At this point, I am more concerned about the Democratic machine itself
engineering a technological "fix" to the Bernie Sanders problem, than I am with the theatrics between the Democrats and Republicans. I think that the Powers That Be would be equally happy with a Clinton or a Trump in the White House.


I've been railing against electronics being_anywhere_ in the voting process for years. What is the point? Officials don't take office for months after elections...there just is no need for haste or the supposed efficiency, and there is heueueueueuege room for vote manipulation.

Two things...Argonne Labs techs, a government lab, hacked two electronic machines from a half mile away using a fifteen buck RadioShack gizmo and a laptop and had free reign over all aspects of those machines including transmission upline for aggregation.

Second...for perspective on just how IMPOSSIBLE it is to secure electronic voting, consider that literally tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars have been flushed by governments, corpses, individuals, militarys, intel agencies et al on trying to secure their networks over the past 50 years...does hacking continue?

I say make voting a national holiday and get the citizenry involved in monitoring and maintaining the paper ballot effort through legal chains of possession and observation along the entire process, including exit polling by WETHEPEOPLE...no hanging chads, no more 8000 votes counted in a county with a population of 1500 (Ohio in '04), no more questions about who won.


Like a Paul Wellstone 'fix'?


It's not so much that the machines are old. It's that the same machines have often been hacked from the inside, by the private contractors that provided the machines, under the direction of the politicians currently in power in that state.

We find again and again that polls are perfectly accurate in most states, but in specific states an enormous political shift takes place between exit polls and votes counted. Massive internal vote fraud has to be the prime suspect.

You don't actually live in a democracy if your election was stolen.


Good one!

Not 'funny' though when you think about it ...lol


Well we all knew this was out there. Will they literally steal the election from people. I'll tell ya that is really risky IMO. If you steal people's faith that the system even as bad as it is still represents a better way than chaos and outright corruption then all bets are off. People will start flipping out. First the unstable, the fringe crazies hit their tipping point, then the nasty f'kers who hate everybody except themselves, then the even nastier fakers who hate everybody and figure if everything is corrupt then nothing matters. You know the people you want to search for hidden weapons before they enter a church or ice cream parlor. These people need to know that the game isn't completely rigged.


Oligarchy vs, democracy... stage two.


Stop trying to sell us new stuff!! Man, it's like an AT&T commercial. I'm all for scan-trons to help validate the vote count, and these things don't need updated operating systems, since the process hasn't changed, and don't need security upgrades if you also count manually. We need publicly funded elections and minimum wage for Jurors and Election Officials. Ha!


One brave lady is trying to prove the voting machines are rigged. The folks that be have refused to give her any information she needs on the records of the rigged machines. Anyone can see what she is doing at her website and the obstacles she faces. Her name is Elizabeth Clarkson, PhD/ Statistician , Mathematician and can be found at www.bethclarkson.com


No to corrupting voting machines. Yes to encrypted online voting.


The problem is not that "forty-three states are using machines that will be at least 10 years old" that are "perilously outdated."

The problem is that machines are in our electoral process AT ALL. We need hand-marked, hand-counted ballots.

Common Dreams really blew it on this article.


A group of us with the help of a lawyer studied this issue in depth. We came to the conclusion that the only reliable way was to use hand counted paper ballots. We lobbied the candidate for Sec. of State here in Calif. and we now have paper ballots except for one machine per precinct for the handicapped. All of these machines can be and HAVE BEEN HACKED IN PREVIOUS ELECTIONS. Rolling Stone had a great story on the second George Bush election at the time. (makes me sick to even think about that.) Also the companies charge MEGA BUCKS for "maintenance". (This can be a good argument to get rid of them.)


Perhaps we need a bunch of progressive hackers to take over a large number of machines and give something like 99% of the vote to the most progressive candidate. That might give the issue the attention that it needs.


Oh my god,,,A "Wellstone-Fix."
I admit, I have been very worried about this very thing.