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Permanent State of Emergency? France Seeks Alarming Expanse of Police Powers



The Reichstag fire and the Enabling Act -- gifts that just keep on giving.


I hate to say it, but Trump is right on this issue. If people everywhere could open carry guns, there would be no need to turn Paris and the world into a prison.


France of all places? Surely the freedom loving people of France wouldn't get fooled by their phony government's fear mongering and fascist tendencies. General Charles de Gaulle refused to join NATO because as a general knew the strategy of keeping forces in equilibrium. De Gaulle must have been aware of Yankee game of establishing a beach front foothold to than slowly creep in with the intention to never leave.


Or no one carries any weapons, humanity establishing a peaceful world without borders for all to share everything. I know it sounds too idealistic but we have to begin somewhere.


911 = Reichstag event, the US and Israel are fulfilling the NAZI plan for the world domination.


Isn't competition and war nature's way? And if so, isn't peace unnatural? (devil's advocacy)


Maybe, but many cultures carried and still carry deadly weapons and live in relative peace, as do the military and police communities.


You are right. Despite all the media madness, fake polls and lack of examining the facts, people are being bulldozed into draconian reductions of their freedoms, in France as in the USA. Sad as it is 130 deaths in a terror attack is no worse than 130 deaths (eg by the Israelis killing 130 Palestinians-"knife-wielding demonstrators")since October. The high-profile emphasis on "terror" while ignoring the main causes of conflict is done on purpose to control us more easily.


Kindly keep your primitive, gun-toting madness within the shores of the USA. We're not interested.

We're only on January the 7th and there's already been more people killed in the USA this year by guns than were killed in last year's Paris terrorist attack. The previous year there were over 13,000 which is a hundred times more.


All the more reason not to arm this intrinsically violent species with guns.


You're imagining the France of the past. Things have changed, unfortunately. I live in France, and I can say with confidence that the French are by and large extremely conformist, more so than Americans. Chalk it up to TV. There is far too little criticism of what is going on, and the official anathema against "conspiracy theory" is embraced by a greater percentage of the population than in the US. The fierce intellectual cast of characters like Camus, Sartre, Bourdieu, Breton exists no more. Now we get clowns like Bernard-Henri Levy and Pascal Bruckner, who are basically neocons. In my experience the only deep skepticism of the old variety seems to persist in the simple people, who are less likely to swallow the official lies. But I'm not very hopeful.


I hope you're right, of course.


You pretty well sum it up, james.


If its true, maybe we were meant to compete with wile and go to war with sticks and stones, like chimps.


Unless we could take out our competitive aggressions by participating in sports that don't call for killing ourselves.


Sounds like France is becoming exceptional


Ah well, France heads back to the days of Louis XIV. The French seem to like dictatorship.