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'Personnel is Policy': Progressives Urge Clinton to Avoid Wall Street Cabinet


'Personnel is Policy': Progressives Urge Clinton to Avoid Wall Street Cabinet

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A coalition of progressive organizations published an open letter to Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, urging her to keep Wall Street veterans out of her administration if she wins the presidency.

The 15 signatories, which include advocacy groups, a labor union, a political party, and other organizations, wrote the letter to "reaffirm the importance of selecting executive branch appointees with a documented record of fighting for the public interest."


Obama made a number of great cabinet appointments but not when it came to economics. I am sure there are a number of liberal/progressive academics out there who have enough understanding of the complexities of finance and economics to fill cabinet positions without having bring in Wall Street people for every position. Hopefully, after Nov 8 Clinton will be in the position to do this.


And that's a pretty big sign, too. How is it that so many folks miss it?


These "progressive" groups should be far more blunt and decisive in their open letter to Clinton, telling her in no uncertain terms that they will not vote for her unless she commits concretely to name her proposed cabinet, and names her non-Wall Street cabinet now, ahead of November 8.

It would never happen, and Clinton deserves none of our votes.

The toothless frame for this "progressive" pandering to Clinton is worse than useless. Clinton knows it is purely toothless, and as such this effort is horribly counter-productive.


You (and everyone reading your pabulum) knows there is ZERO CHANCE Clinton will appoint a "non-Wall Street" cabinet.


It appears more and more likely that Hillary's private e-mail server(s) was set-up as a calculated effort to cover-up criminal activity and obstruct justice as well as FOIA.
The latest e-mails to be made public (a part of the missing 33,000) indicate that there was regular back and forth communication between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's State Department over a variety of matters prohibited by federal law.
To expect Hillary to do anything except deceive the American people is nonsensical.


Warren must stay in the Senate to fight against the corporatocracy's puppet.


Any "progressive" who thinks they can urge Clinton to do anything in their benefit is delusional. Who's paying for her election, and whom does she owe once she is elected?


Then she must go after Hillary tooth and nail to remain credible.


I'll say she'll answer to the oligarchy to which she belongs.
Plutocrats are as thick as thieves.
Mostly because they are thieves.


From Counterpunch:

"And this is precisely why Clinton is the darling of both Wall Street and the neoconservative establishment. From the right wing financier Koch Brothers’ admission of support for Hillary, to the obvious backing of George Soros,Warren Buffett, and countless other liberal (and some conservative) Wall Street ghouls, Clinton has the near unanimous endorsements of the One Percent. It should be added that she is also being supported by arch-neocons such as Max Boot, who described Clinton as “vastly preferable,” Robert Kagan who sees Hillary as “saving the country,” and Eliot Cohen who described Clinton as “the lesser evil by a large margin.”

The reason for the near unanimous support is simple: Clinton will deliver all the economic policies, including TPP and free trade, that the Masters of Wall Street demand. And she’ll do it all while coldly smiling at every worker she meets on the campaign trail. She will also pursue just the sort of aggressive and belligerent foreign policy that makes neocons salivate at the prospect of more and bigger wars.

Ultimately, Clinton represents the very worst of the American political class – a cynical manipulator whose thirst for blood and war is matched only by her thirst for power. Lies flow from her mouth into the US political scene like water into a vast ocean. And, like water, she erodes the once sturdy rock of the working class in the United States."

It's gonna take more than a village to make a progressive out of Hillary.


It looks like all the neo-con warmongers are lining up behind Hillary.
Yippie, we're all gonna die to quote the Fish.


Dear Scorpion,

Please do not sting me as I carry you across the river.




Obama signed it. It needs to pass the Senate. The push is on to confirm TPP in this lame-duck Congress.


A coalition of progressive organizations published an open letter to Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, urging her to keep Wall Street veterans out of her administration if she wins the presidency.

That pretty much ensures that Clinton's cabinet will be comprised of Wall Street veterans if she wins the presidency.


Until Hillary specifically details and denounces why neoliberalism has failed, calls the TPP treason against the American people and the "War on Terror" is crimes against humanity would I ever think she may deserve my vote.

More neoliberal BS from Hillary on infrastructure investment:

"Leverage private capital through public-private partnerships and ensure that taxpayer dollars are put to good use. Hillary believes that we need to partner with the private sector to make these investments in America’s future. That’s why Hillary will seed a national infrastructure bank, which will leverage private capital to make investments that advance our competitive advantage for the 21st century economy. She will also increase accountability for infrastructure investment and cut red tape, so that taxpayers get more bang for their buck. And she will provide more funds through merit-based competitive grants, streamline permitting, support “multi-modal” projects that extend beyond a single type of transportation, build out the project pipeline, and encourage better design and technology."


"Clinton favors higher taxes on the wealthy and more spending for infrastructure. To keep the debt off the federal government balance sheet, she has specifically proposed so-called public-private partnerships. This is the Wall Street solution. Public guarantees will be used to attract private investors, who will finance, own and rent back to the people the entire public infrastructure of the United States."


From Paul Street:

"We can certainly expect the long shadow of Robert Rubin and the fake-progressive neoliberal vision of his Hamilton Project and other, bigger “corporate elite networks” to loom over the expected Clinton 45 administration. The coming heavily Wall Street- and Pentagon-backed presidency of the arch-neoliberal Hillary Clinton will be no less staffed than Obama’s presidency was with neo-“Hamiltonian” elites linked to the multinational and financial sectors and to the usual top policy-planning institutions."



Shouldn't that be, 'The Personnel is the Political'?


From the White House web site:

Statement by the President on the Signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership


I hope they wrote this on toilet paper so it could be of some use. We all know Hillary considers these people wackos who should be ignored in the pay to play world of Washington politics. .


Like expecting a life-long alcoholic not to drink.