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Pesticides Are Making Children Aggressive


Pesticides Are Making Children Aggressive

Evaggelos Vallianatos

Pesticides cause a multitude of adverse effects on humans.


Growing up
My legs would constantly fall asleep
I would have severe burning and tingling in my feet
I was an Asthmatic, and even if I was not wheezing, constantly being told that I was breathing heavy.
I had severe allergies. I would sneeze up to twenty times a minute.
I had no strength in my arms and they had waves of uncontrollable trembling.
My nose would drip incessantly, something I could not control without sudafed.
I had severe pain in my face around my teeth, and cavities that I could not go to the dentist for would make me scream in pain when I had sinus infections

One of my nick names in high school was sicko.
I would have waves of illness and have spent countless days under medication, missing school.
I have had malaria twice.
I could not concentrate on any one thing for more than perhaps a couple of minutes.

I think it was a combination of the ddt fields and smoke stacks I was around. Bhopal was a single dramatic event, but the poisonous air is inducing a planet wide genocide.
When the gasoline powered two wheelers took over the transportation in the city, standing at a traffic light was asphyxiating .Might as well have been a gas chamber.

I am fifty two.
Many of my childhood maladies are returning with a vengeance.
I believe I have kept them suppressed on my own accord.
I am not satisfied simply to have made it this far.
I still want to make it.


Hers’s hoping that you do make it!

The greatest threat to our health and our society at large, is not “terrorism”, nor Russia, nor China, nor N. Korea, nor Iran! It is unregulated, greedy, Corporate capitalism.


Even, the children governing us.



You’re not only making it, you’re bringing truth to the world with every breath you breathe and every word that you write. THANK YOU.

Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


Thanks to Ms.Vallianatos for writing about things that actually matter, rather than getting caught up in the white noise of the moment.


I don’t know if the school shootings w/teenagers can be attributed to pesticides but perhaps it is a factor. Just another reason to try and buy organic whenever possible.

The government certainly isn’t going to look after our health, so you’ve got to do the best you can. It sure would be nice if we could, once and for all, agree to make this world/planet a safer, healthier place for all creatures that inhabit it. There are no good answers – just more and more people to feed on this planet day after day.


Comment intended for reply to article.

I suspect that a lot of preservatives have a similar effect in that surely the gut bacteria aren’t pleased to see them any more than the bio-organisms that they were meant to keep at bay on the shelf. The mind-gut connection is real and as the old adage goes, you are what you eat. My bumpersticker reply is: We’re pushing the planet too hard. (It’s pushing back and has more biogeochemicophysicotempero tricks in its bag.)


While we are diverted to distraction by the trump regime and duopoly of the two party system, both serving corporate profits above all else we are threatened by some truly severe and potentially catastrophic phenomena in the “natural” sphere - of course nothing affected by humans is natural. While we are focused on the destruction and subversion of civilian governance via trumps agenda of removing all protections and regulations, endless wars and civil conflict we are beset by critical consequences - trump and all the other “leaders” fiddle while the Earth burns (literally in the American west!)- other consequences will become apparent, but when they do, it will be too late to change direction - it often seems the PTB are planning for a “mine-shaft gap” or are completely clueless on where the real dangers lie…;and we all will be lucky to survive, especially those now young…

The health of humans especially children has been declining for decades from chemical and pharmaceutical poisons.The earths natural systems are threatened as never before in more or less modern human history.

Global warming affecting sea levels, increased and more deadly storms and rainfall, and perhaps most disturbing and catastrophic the disruption of the earth major ocean currents, notably the Gulf Stream.

We are witnessing the greatest crime of earth history committed right before our eyes, and no one in power gives a shite…the beat goes on…but not for long.


Yes, perhaps we need to do much more study on this and a lot of other of human induced environmental effects on children, and all of us.


I read several years back that pesticides play a role in one developing Parkinson’s.

Fairly recent from 2014 Scientific American: “The data confirm it: farmers are more prone to Parkinson’s than the general population. And pesticides could be to blame. Over a decade of evidence shows a clear association between pesticide exposure and a higher risk for the second most common neurodegenerative disease, after Alzheimer’s.”


“Until Americans vote Trump out of office, our best protection is to eat organic food” ???

Recall how many GMO/pesticide cartel operatives Obama appointed to his cabinet and other high level positions ?

The cartel owns the Dims as much as they own the GOP.


Quote: " nerve poisons in the food, water and air, even in tiny amounts but over a long period of time, do change human behavior, making people and especially children more violent."

Think: destabilization. It is not just for the ‘other nations’, it is a useful tactic wherever citizens are resisting the global powers’ agenda. Fear, entertainment, addictions, stress, destabilization, and all the crossovers between them have been keeping the people from living the kind of life we want.


That is not a particularly undesirable side effect to the likes of Monsanto.


Yes, we’ll get right on to that.


Very interesting article. It’s worth recalling that after lead had been banned from gasoline and a number of other common products, there was a drop in violent crime that occurred starting in the 1990’s. There is considerable evidence to suggest that generations prior to that, especially those in lower socioeconomic conditions, had been exposed to enough lead to impair their cognitive development and their ability to control their emotions. Restricting the use of lead appears to have saved millions of people from the fate of being the direct or indirect victims of this poisoning.


“They may have something to do with the mass-shootings in schools all over America because some of them are neurotoxins.”

And here we all were trying to ban guns thinking they that were the reason for all the school shootings. Turns out it’s chemicals in our food.


Great example, good memory!! It seems that EVERY time the regulators manage to reel in heavy and/or toxic industry there is good news!! The ozone eating chemicals banned under “Montreal protocols”, and that action has already healed up over half the ozone hole.

In a similar vein, when the CIA stopped flooding East LA with high quality cocaine, life improved for most residents there. And that plan was hatched in response to the increasingly loud demands by East :L.A. citizens - they wanted the same opportunities as other Americans, and to be treated humanely… it worked, the cocaine knocked them off their path to equality.

Toxic pollution does that too. So we have to clean up our own backyards, stop shopping for toxic products [and things made of plastic!!], refuse the crappy foods with additives [MSG is still out there…], and as much as possible, eat organic and avoid crops grown with Round Up. Go with clean energy - the fossil fuel toxins are as bad as any [think: cancer] and global warming is going to keep us down for a long long time if we don’t stop increasing the GHG emissions [yes - increasing, still].


Hey Steven, A few weeks ago, Guild312S brought this up on another story. His/her point was it wouldn’t come up in the gun debate because of liability problems with big Pharma. Lets face it almost everyone in this country has been exposed to pesticides due to food and/or water. Combine that with the drugs and it’s a toxic mess. Could be the reason.


Didn’t know that, thanks.