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Pesticides Are Making Children Aggressive


Didn’t know that, thanks.


Evangellos is a Mr. and a great human being. Get a copy of his book “Poison Spring”. It is an eye opener about the EPA and its failure to protect the people or the planet.


There’s no debating it, yes, young people are over-medicated today. Believe it or not there is such a thing as too much health care. Obviously, we all know that, over-treating.

Again, many countries where the government manages health care for citizens they take care to rein in known causes of illness and disease. Many chemicals used in the US today are banned in Europe. However that doesn’t translate into our government, one of, for and by big Corporations, Insurance and Pharma will do the same if and when we do manage to eke out universal, single payer health care (or a distant cousin of).


Thanks for this insight! I had never thought about pesticide use and how universal healthcare could reign in its use.


Of course. But I don’t have much hope for the US. I’m afraid big industry has too strong a stranglehold over our government to change much for the better.

I believe that governments that oversee (and pay for) health care for all their citizens also tend to be more cognizant of how those tax dollars are spent. One way to do so is to eliminate (ban) substances that are known to cause harm (thus increase the cost of all medical care) to humans and fetuses. In the US, unlike Europe, the companies producing these chemicals are allowed to do their own testing and reporting on their toxicity.

"In the United States, children can drink fruit juice beverages made with Red Dye No. 40 and eat macaroni and cheese colored with Yellow Dye No. 5 and No. 6. Yet in the U.K., these artificial colorings have been taken off the market due to health concerns, while in the rest of Europe, products that contain them must carry labels warning of the dyes’ potential adverse effect on children’s attention and behavior.

Atrazine, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says is estimated to be the most heavily used herbicide in the U.S., was banned in Europe in 2003 due to concerns about its ubiquity as a water pollutant. Also widely used by U.S. farmers are several neonicotinoid pesticides that the European Commission says pose “high acute risks” to bees and has placed under a two-year moratorium. These pesticides — with which about 90 percent of the corn planted in the U.S. is treated — have been identified in numerous scientific studies as toxic to bees and are considered likely contributors to the alarming global decline of these essential pollinators…

Use of lead-based interior paints was banned in France, Belgium and Austria in 1909. Much of Europe followed suit before 1940. It took the U.S. until 1978 to make this move, even though health experts had, for decades, recognized the potentially acute — even deadly — and irreversible hazards of lead exposure.

While FDA approval is required for food additives, the agency relies on studies performed by the companies seeking approval of chemicals they manufacture or want to use in making determinations about food additive safety, Natural Resources Defense Council senior scientist Maricel Maffini and NRDC senior attorney Tom Neltner note in their April 2014 report, Generally Recognized as Secret. "


Hi Recon fire This is a little off subject . I hope you get a chance to listen to this week’s show on geoengineering. This is a great show and covers alot of topics besides that. I have been going here for a very long time.


You can make all the studies you like. That still isnt going to transform our Death civilization into one that is conducive to life. The sad fact is that over the last fifty years humanity has become an evil unto itself and a deadly menace to all life on the planet.


It’s not the physical toxins, Evaggelos. It’s the mental toxins in your ideology.


Thanks for the correction. Too late for an edit.


Not humanity in its totality, but the fact that capitalists have pretty much gained control over most of what is human. Those are different things.


Bigger scandal than tobacco. Old news that know body reads about. Do the endocrine disruptions affect males more than females?



Thanks for your comment. Do you have a reference to the item about the CIA stopping selling cocaine in East LA? I’m familiar with the facts behind the movie “Kill the Messenger,” but as far as my reading took me, it seemed like the story just sort of dropped out of sight, without any particular resolution. If you do, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.