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Pete Seeger Labelled 'Subversive' After Speaking Out Against Plan to Deport Japanese


Pete Seeger Labelled 'Subversive' After Speaking Out Against Plan to Deport Japanese

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Beloved singer and activist Pete Seeger inspired countless worldwide with his songs about peace and equality, and—according to his newly released FBI file—he also inspired the ire of the U.S. government, which spied on the folk icon for decades and labelled him a "subversive" for his Communist sympathies.


When we take over government, one of the agencies that needs a thorough brooming is the FBI. They have not ever been a force for good in the US.


F.ascistic B.rownshirted I.nquisitors


Y'got that one right.


Keep in mind that as they were secretly spying on him members of that same Governmnet gave the illusion that Pete Seeger a "great American" knowing how much the public loved him.


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Yes he would Cookies. A little of Pete's valiant spirit was with us at every demonstration as we sang his songs. So whatever they said about Pete they had it wrong. He was much more than that. LOL

He led us with a song in his heart and it lifted our hearts. They never were able to beat down Pete. He beat them all the way.




You really have to remember who was running the FBI at the the time of Pete Seeger's advent as a proponent for the oppressed. It was that weaselly and despicable closet cross-dresser J. Edgar Hoover. He possessed a visceral hatred for defenders of the downtrodden, of anything perceived counterculture, and of anyone other than Anglo males. He was pure evil, and the FBI was and will ever be Hoover.


Hoover was a transexual and homsexual...so a hypocrite. nice.


You are a racist. Go away.


The FBI's contemptible spying on and smearing of US leftist and pacifist groups continued long after J. Edgar Hoover was dead - by which I mean it continues to the current day. Please Google "FBI Thomas Merton Center" and "FBI Pittsburgh Organizing Group", for starters.

Fuck the FBI.


The NSA and CIA too.


May his recordings continue to inspire sympathies subversive to capitalism!

This land belongs to you and me.


If you believe in "We the People, in order to form a more perfect union..." then you are a communist and a revolutionary. "We the People" had no legal standing at the time.


Just another lesson in how the regime needs no legal authority at all to do whatever it wants. They are now, always have been crooks and killers.
The lengths to which they are now going to sabotage even the mildly reformist measures advanced by Bernie Sanders is nothing compared to what they will do were he or anyone else similarly inclined actually to defeat the immense odds and be elected to office.


aah, pete seeger~LOVE personified! and a big thanks to cookies for the music.

i think it telling that after ww2 the u.s. government kicked in 13 billion dollars (about 130 billion in 2015 dollars) to begin the marshall plan to rebuild europe. of course, there were strings attached. one of those strings stipulated that no ally accepting financial aid could embrace socialistic idea. russia refused the kind offer. weren't hitler and the nazi party the enemy to be defeated? yet no condemnation or restrictions on fascist models.


In one excerpt, the investigator who interviewed Guthrie reportedly noted the singer's guitar, famously emblazoned with "This Machine Kills Fascists." Of the inscription, the investigator wrote: "It is this agent's opinion that this bears out the belief that the Almanac Players"—of which Guthrie and Singer belonged—"were active singing Communist songs and spreading propaganda."

This was in 1943, when the US was ostensibly fighting fascism!


Too bad your name could not be put on the F.B.I. building in Washington De Ceit. The fact that the fascist, J. Edgar Hoover. and man guilty of some of the most evil and subversive treason, has not has his name removed from the F.B.I. headquarters in D.C., tells me that is exactly why I call this country the Fourth Reich. The only thing missing from that building is a Swastika! There is a lot of evidence that Edgar was an American fascist, terrorist and among other things, was probably involved in the assassination of JFK, MLK and RFK.


Which is why it needs an aggressive brooming once we control government.