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Peter Strzok Hearing Devolves Into Chaos on Very First Question After FBI Agent Obliterates Right-Wing Conspiracy About Text Messages


It’s news to me that Hillary’s server was hacked. Where did you get that bit of information?


It wasn’t. The DNC was hacked. Not Clinton.


Given its history and very non socialist distribution of wealth, South Africa is doing remarkably well.


No. In order to meet the minimum characters: No.


HAHAHA talk to the 100s of white farmers murdered on their remote farms…oh wait…whites don’e matter, right?

Murdered by blacks BTW.


Here ya go

They weren’t the only ones BTW-I’ve read at least 12 foreign governments were taking a peek. If the Russians were doing it, do you honestly think the Chinese weren’t?

Oh wait…your news sources are telling you a server in her bathroom was secure. Keep plucking that chicken bub.


You really need to get your facts straight. The server in Hillary’s basement (as I recall) is not the same as those of the DNC. Arguably it was more secure than an official one as no one knew she had it.


In the big scheme of things whites do not matter all that much. They make up only 8% of the population, and they have to live with the fact that they oppressed the other 92% of the population for half a century.

All things considered, the number of whites murdered by blacks is very low. Most countries that throw off their oppressors go on a rampage. South Africans did not. Instead under Nelson Mandela they set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the transition to majority rule was largely peaceful.

I say this as a white South African.


News to me. In what way was McCarthy right?


BI suspect you’re basing yourself on the claims of Australia’s racist leader Abbott who asserted 400 white farmers were murdered in a recent 15 month period in South Africa. That is utterly false, but something a scared rural white Texan is going to automatically accept as true.

The most recent numbers available are for 2017. In that year there were 74 rural murders South Africa. 59 of them White. The White population of South Africa is more than 4 and a half million. As a comparison let’s take the overwhelmingly White and rural, small town, state of West Virginia. The most recent murder figures for West Virginia are 74 for 2014, with no racial breakdown. Oddly enough the same total of all rural murders in South Africa in 2017. But the population of West Virginia, again overwhelmingly White, is 1.8 million, far less than half the White population of South Africa. On the face of it, it is much safer to be White person in South Africa, living among a majority Black population, than to be a West Virginian of any race living among an overwhelmingly White population.


I’m beginning to think that you would not recognize a fact if it jumped up and smacked you in the face. You need to read a bit more widely.

I followed your link and watched the interview with Dershowitz and saw nothing undeniable.


Please stop making sense.


I understand your thinking, but how could anyone possibly have thought that Trump is genuine or that he would ever do anything against the interests of the super-rich? And talking of dynasties. Is it remotely possible that Trump is trying to establish one. President for life? Followed by Ivanka?


It’s all a dog and pony show anyway, even when someone is caught doing something wrong when it’s all over with nothing is really done to hurt them. A good example of that is Col. Oliver North, look at where he is now.

Nothing can be done to anyone from Russia IF they did do something illegal since this country does it all the time in elections of other countries. AND for the ones who think there is ANY TYPE of connection between Trump and Russia should understand that the FBI cleared that matter up before the election took place.


Don’t know about Stein, but Sanders was my choice too. Check Stein’ s numbers. Not really impressive. If Hillary hadn’t vacillated on global trade she would have won. Right just a terrible candidate and people just didn’t want another 8 years of Bill. The Clinton campaign was pure political kabuki and even the less informed saw that. Surprise surprise people don’t give a damn about e-mails. Comey was irrelevant.