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Petition Calling for Trump's Tax Returns Breaks White House Record


Petition Calling for Trump's Tax Returns Breaks White House Record

Nika Knight, staff writer

A petition on the White House website demanding that President Donald Trump release his tax returns has garnered over 380,000 signatures in a matter of days, breaking the all-time record for signatures on the site.


Go easy on The Donald, he thinks emoluments will be good for his complexion.


Son of gun! I put up a similar petition on the 23rd, and wondered why it didn't show any sigs but mine, though folks here were saying they'd signed it. Go get him!


While you're at the White House Petition site, I'd recommend that everyone also sign the petition for single-payer (Medicare for all) health care. There's actually several good ones there (e.g. return funding to the Arts and Humanities; petitions for action on climate change, etc...) and it would be good to see those petitions get way more signatures than the rightwing ones.


xxxxx found the link

Light gray and light blue colors for text are like color blindness tests for me.


Do these petitions really do any good?


Speaking of taxes, this is a place i go for economic info. This article covers the newest taxes cuts and breaks. http://www.epi.org/blog/big-gap-between-trumps-promises-middle-class-and-his-policies/. This website is good in general to catch the most upto date economic info. There is good reason for Forest Trump to not show his tax returns. Imagine making just above minimum wage and finding out you pay almost 50% in taxes while the top pay 15% or less in some cases. What's his face years ago, dude ran against Obama in first election, was paying 3%. His view was that he was paying what was legally required. But hey, when you are the one setting the tax rates, its easy as f*ck to say that bs.


What can they hurt? They make our voices countable. They may go away, but while we have them, we should use them.

I just heard on MSNBC that the Administration has pulled the Obamacare enrollment ads from TV. Yes, only a few days to go before the enrollment window closes, but history shows that's when people do it, and enrollment has been up this year, especially since the election. We must speak up in every way we can, every time we can.


This is an obvious lie -- false signatures and the whole thing made up. I know because Trump said, I heard him on national TV, that no one cared about his taxes except the reporters --lying, sick minded reporters (he didn't say this last bit, but it was there in his smirk).


I view their purpose as getting the Administration to go on record on a particular issue (remember the way the program works - if you achieve 100,000 signers within one month then they guarantee a response within 2 months). That can definitely be a help in some cases.


If everyone accused him of not releasing his taxes because he is not a billionaire and is hiding it, he would get all defensive. If he is, he would be more encouraged to prove it. If not this will let the cat out of the bag.
His ego is so fragile this would get his motor running.


Our rotten world: New data shows 85% of humans live under a corrupt government



Man I'm afraid to look at that right now--because I am certain it is probably 100% true.


Why hasn't trump closed the petition site yet? You are slacking #Trumplethinskin.


If you look at the list of the most corrupt governments, please note that the least corrupt are the ones with the highest degrees of citizen participation, the most direct democracies.

Online Direct Democracy


You can try this:


I signed it but my guess is the answer to your question is no.


If that's the case then why not release them and get rid of the fuss? Probably because that's not the case and there is stuff in there or that can be gleaned from the returns that he doesn't want getting out. My business tax return has a lot of information besides how much I paid in taxes and his does too.


Surprised that the bullshitter in chief hasn't removed the ability for citizens to petition via the White House website yet. I'm sure he will shortly.


maybe they are collecting ISP's for the forthcoming roundup of dissedents...