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Petition To Censure Trump Gains Momentum


Petition To Censure Trump Gains Momentum

Peter Dreier

In less than two weeks, a petition calling for Congress to censure President Donald Trump for misconduct and misdeeds has attracted more than 14,500 signatures.

One of the initiators of the petition is Richard Painter, a lifelong Republican, professor of corporate law at the University of Minnesota, and chief White House ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush between 2005 and 2007. Discussing the petition, Painter said:


Well, its a start, from We the People. Hopefully the Legislative Branch will remember whom they work for, and their obligations under the Constitution, which they have signed and sworn oaths to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
*I’ve signed it, how about you?


My brother and I have signed too!!


Has a cell in Guantanamo been earmarked for Trump yet ?

They will need to soundproof the cell so the other occupants in the cell block won’t have to listen to Trump. Extra fans will be needed to dissipate the hot air Trump generates so the other occupants don’t get too hoit.


He should be removed from office, not merely censored.


I signed it.


Yes please.


Petition’s nice, but I’ll trade it for at least one house of Congress in 2018.




How long does it take to press a button? How long does it take to press a nuke button? The difference: by pressing the nuke button, the horror will last forever!
Get the fascist fraud off the throne, ASAP!


Hell yes: This guy makes R. M. Nixon look like a choir boy. But let’s be very cautious: He is not going to go politely. Impoliteness is his stock in trade.


"a description of misconduct and misdeeds that have occurred since Trump’s inauguration, " this is a list that should of been gathered before his inaguration, in fact should of been compiled before he was allowed to run, his history of bigotry, corrupt business practices, continually in litigation for …you take your pick here, money laundering, (his caino was fined 10 million, the largest fine ever imposed on a casino for money laundering), draft dodging alone should of excluded him from running, how does someone who was to cowardlly to serve his country get to be president? and send others off to war??. he should of been censured long ago, on a side note …interesting that one of the initiators of the petition Richard Painter, chief White House ethics lawyer for president Bush…I am not sure that ethics and the Bush name belong in the same sentence, I guess thats why he was an ethics lawyer, perhaps he should of held Bush to the same standards that he now touts, and maybe…just maybe there wouldnt be a trump in the white house …



New elections.


Oh, and somewhere W is thanking the lord he is no longer wearing the Dumbest crown.