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Petitions to Impeach Kavanaugh Surge as Organizers Say Not Even Supreme Court Justices 'Above the Law'


Petitions to Impeach Kavanaugh Surge as Organizers Say Not Even Supreme Court Justices 'Above the Law'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Surging towards it goal of 200,000 signatures since it was launched over the weekend, a petition calling for the impeachment of newly-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh —just one among others circulating—has already garnered nearly 80 percent of its goal in just over two days.


No judge has ever been impeached. Why would it happen now with what can be considered the most corrupt time in American politics? With credible allegations and an emotional state of a child, Kavanaugh got his deserved seat as a privileged white male. This won’t change and he’s in the seat for life.


Samuel Chase was impeached but acquitted by the Senate. Interestingly, it was because of his Federalist political leanings.

There have been over sixty judicial impeachments but only the one at the Supreme Court level.


These efforts are good news, and speak well for people coming together to impede a dictatorial future!


Smart people might adopt a strategy of winning at all costs but they have an understanding of the costs.
The GOP adopted that strategy 18 years ago but have never been presented with a bill for “all the costs.”
It’s time that bill got hand delivered to each and every deplorable with a 3 day notice.

They must not hold any power in 2021


That’s not true.
And we can pack the court after taking back the government.


The petition seems like a nice, symbolic act. I’ll trade it for votes any day.


The climate has 67 votes. At the rate global warming is progressing, nature will impeach him and the rest of them sooner than they want. Much sooner.


And the court has lost its last scrap of legitimacy. Congratulations!


When was the last time a petition achieved it’s goal? Those that control our government could care less what we the people want.


Not with the large numbers of toxic privileged male Republican Senators currently occupying the seats. It may take time, but I think he will eventually be ousted.


It’s a terrible waste of time to contemplate the impeachment of Kavanaugh.

It’s over.

Focus on the election. That’s why he got on the court.

As for court packing, that can only happen with Dem majorities in all three branches.

Again: must win elections.


He’s on the court because too many Dems could not bring themselves to vote for Hillary in 2016.

Kavanaugh is one of many direct and dire consequences. Everyone should know the list by now.

The mid-terms are 4 weeks away.

Progressives need to show up and vote for the best Dem available.

No more rebel third-party throw-away votes.

Or the court may end up 6-3 or 7-2 hard right before Trump leaves office.


Even if he’s not impeached, I for one, want him to get a taste of that “what goes around, comes around” feeling. For him to know he didn’t fool any of us, and if the political climate is right, his ass is gone.


My vote wasn’t thrown away, I voted for a credible candidate, Stein, why didn’t you? It’s because of you we are dealing with this.


He’s on the court because too many Ds on the judiciary committee couldn’t risk being found complicit in his perjuries, human rights violations and war crimes.


This shouldn’t be controversial, but U.S. Supreme Court justices should not be sexual assailants or perjurers

I’d add one more caveat “This shouldn’t be controversial, but U.S. Supreme Court justices should not be sexual assailants or perjurers- who are unrepentent about their sins.”

Obviously, lying under oath is acceptable these days.


Please explain the magical argument that would have made Republicans not vote for Kavanaugh, I’d like to hear it. McConnell didn’t hold a seat open for a year for nothing.


I Do what I Decide to Do, Because THIS is the Place Where I Stand.

It is Not Because of Party or Religion, or Nation, or Crack Pot Leadership.

I DO NOT Stand HERE because of What You Think and Especially NOT Because the Odds Favor


And I will Stand Here until the Fight for Justice is Better Fought on a Different Front.



Yes, let’s do it the whole process of his confirmation was flawed