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Petitions to Impeach Kavanaugh Surge as Organizers Say Not Even Supreme Court Justices 'Above the Law'


I straight up wrote my republican Senator and thanked him for putting a liar on Supreme Court and thereby indicating that lying under oath is now acceptable because America needs to be great for liars, cheaters and swindlers again.


Oh easy, convince republicans that Kavanugh is actually a black man.


We need government for the many not the few.


Constructively, a Democrat majority could do what was suggested in a previous CD article and place more justices on the court. Alternatively, have an even number of Republicans and Democrats. There is no such thing as non-partisan.


Alcee Hastings, an African American judge appointed by Jimmy Carter to the federal bench was impeached and then ran for congress where he is still serving.


If the Democrats want to win in a landslide all they need to do is organize a REAL effort to expand Medicare for All. The will not. The insurance and drug companies who literally write bills for introduction to legislation and who own the politicians as chattel will not allow it.


You forgot to add “hint, hint”.


Too soon for impeachment. We have to wait for at least one completed independent investigation, unlike the fake investigation by the White House run FBI investigation.
Cross the t’s and dot the i’s or the puppet government will throw it back in the faces of the people doing the investigating.


No need to focus on impeachment. Win the Senate and House in 2018, the Presidency in 2020, then expand the court to 13 justices and appoint four liberals.


Why wouldn’t lying be acceptable now? We, and many in leadership, haven’t called out the president on the spot, for his daily diet of a half dozen lies to the country. The MSM doesn’t count because Trump has labeled them as fake news, and is getting away with that too. There are no cops on the beat. Are they all being paid off? It would appear so.
The days when you could leave your child alone in the park for a half hour are long gone.


Bob, who would you recommend as the best Dem. available?




IMO. You are right on all points. I wanted to go rouge with my vote and thought better of it considering the ramifications of a Trump presidency. I’m assuming assuming a lot of others felt the same way or the vote would not have been close.
We, the left, blew it. Not much can be done now except to stop the bleeding. And the scar will remain.
We are so horrible: All we wanted was to promote peace and fairness. The rest would find it’s natural order. Healthcare, infrastructure, etc. We need to encourage at least one other person to vote.


As one who voted for Dr. Barry Commoner of the Citizens Party in 1980, and who has been voting third party, independent or write-in ever since, I need no further encouragement to vote—but be warned, I might not vote the way you think I should.

I suggest you make your case to the 4 out of 10 elegible voters who have tuned out and turned off on the whole process. Fielding better candidates than Rottenhams might also be helpful.


It would waste my time and annoy you, so no.




Not much hope being expressed here. After Kavanaugh, the last of a long list of last straws, I think I can sum up my last 30-40 years of the American dream with the lyrics to Frank Zappa’s, “Stuff up the Cracks” off of the “Cruisin with Ruben and the Jets” album.


Blah, Blah… more bs talk with never any results. Take this Article down. False hope and Fake to the bone!


Thank you, rolson, for your beautiful declaration of moral principle!

Your words have inspired me!

We must do what is morally right – because it is morally right –

and we must not be deterred by the “odds,” the “opponents,” or the “naysayers”!

(Moral actions are their own reward – and sometimes moral actions prevail against all obstacles!)


I strongly believe that the 5 pro-corporatocracy-plutocracy-oligarchy & anti-democracy - anti-common-people judges on the Supreme Court should be required to wear black masks & black hoods to match their black robes & their black hearts & their black intentions!

And they should be required to hold long scythes on long black poles (like the Reaper of Death) – and be required to hold signs that openly warn:

"Behold, We bring the Death of Democracy! All who enter here – Tremble with Fear & Despair!"