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Petitions to Impeach Kavanaugh Surge as Organizers Say Not Even Supreme Court Justices 'Above the Law'


Dean –

I would not spare Kavanaugh a campaign to unseat him – and I think
we have to encourage anyone else who can supply information on Kavanaugh
to come forward even though the hearing is over.

Actually, kind of a “truth” hearing where truth can be told with no consequences.

Investigation by the Dem Party is also being encouraged in another article here –
and I agree with it – the investigation which should have happened.

Hard to believe with all the evidence of Kavanaugh’s drinking sticking out everywhere,
his yearbook, his misogynist and drunken friends – and any and all classmates of his
willing to tell the truth … and yet the FBI missed it in the first go-around???

They also missed the police report where witnesses make clear that Kavanaugh
was the one who threw his beer into the face of a fellow patron which began the brawl
which followed where Dudley/Yale Basketball then smashed his beer glass into the
head of the patron. I would suggest that Trump put BLINDERS ON THE FBI when
they were first sent out – they probably knew what had to be hidden and they did it.

Why now? Because this is the 2nd sexual pervert that the GOP has put on the SC –
Thomas should also be removed, but one at a time.

In order to destroy democracy, fascist need VIOLENCE to corrupt our societies.
We’ve seen this in the CIA’s NRA and gun with 33,800 murders every year disrupting our
societies – and, btw, leaning heavily on shootings of young “black” males by cops.

You also see this in the fake Drug War which has spread violence into Mexico and
other nations as US uses it to inject themselves into the business of their governments.
You see it in the CIA moving drugs into African American communities – notably in
California. You also see it in 1978’s “Animal House” which encouraged the kind of
alcohol drinking on campuses we have seen since that time. Who put that movie in play?
See: “Every Day” with Helen Hunt and Liev Schrieber about pressures on writers, authors
to include ever more grotesque stories of sexual horrors, torture.

Sexual perversions including kidnapping of children by our own CIA, funded by Congress.
See: MKULTRA/Monarch where children were used as homosexual prostitutes, for drug
running and for espionage/spying for blackmail. Many of the records of Monarch were
destroyed when Dir. Richard Helms retired, but enough remains in MKULTRA to understand
it – though Trump administration has been editing the internet/whitewashing the simplest
of articles on Wikipedia, for instance, which would give you the simple facts. Now, those
articles are convoluted to confuse the public about the reality of what’s being reported.

Also look to Sex Trafficking with routes certainly going through the US – this is adult females,
young males and females, children. Also similar to organ trafficking.
Detective Rothstein in a YouTube video comments on this and at the very end of the video
comments that “our military are also involved in this though rearely mentioned by our MSM.”


Used to be 67 votes to put a nominee on the Supreme Court –

but that got changed to 50 currently – !!!

Remember, GOP has also changed the ban on Capital punishment - reversing it.

And pretty much what they did with the CIA’s/NRA where they reversed the 100 year
old support for it as being about “militias.” They did this to target what were left of
Liberals and moderates in Congress in both parties.

Those were the liberals and moderates who would investigate CIA and hold it to
accountability – and other government criminals and crimes. The people who would
have prevented this corruption of our government.

Right now – the GOP evidently has too many “squishy” members who don’t want to do
all the dirty deeds that their Elites corporate owners want them to do – and they’re seeking
more ULTRA right wing candidates for the party.


Judges have been impeach. No justice has ever been impeached, not even Taney of Dred Scott fame, who held essentially that a Black person anywhere in US had no rights a white person was bond to respect. Rights belonged only to the white owners.


Hi DeanCorso11…" This won’t change and he’s in the seat for life."

Yes, but who knows how long he’ll live? This is America, after all.


Democrats, progressives: instead of fighting to win a battle they continue to fight a battle they’ve already lost. Meanwhile, crucial issues to working people - other battles - go uncontested.


As Supreme Court judges go, it is true. There was an attempt once. He was aquitted and remained on the bench. It’s even plainly explained on crappy Wikipedia.


Anyone looking at this and figured it out yet?

Presume that Roberts is trying to clear the decks for Kavanaugh –
rather than trying to hold onto any prestige of the SC he may think still exists?

Chief Justice Roberts Ignored Kavanaugh Perjury Complaints


Chief Justice John Roberts received more than a dozen judicial misconduct complaints in recent weeks against Brett M. Kavanaugh, who was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice Saturday, but did …

Roberts refers ethics complaints against Kavanaugh to federal …


10 hours ago · Chief Justice John Roberts is referring complaints about statements made by new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to federal judges outside the Beltway. In a letter posted Wednesday on the D.C …


What a sad pack of liars and poor losers. You didn’t get your way and now you sit around and whine and threaten to impeach. Well, he hasn’t done anything impeachable.

There are whole yards and yards of women who realize this was nothing more than what Justice Clarence Thomas referred to as a “high-tech lynching.” Here’s one of them.


Oh, here’s the evil man you should impeach!!!


Irish Rover?

We’re supposed to believe that because Kavanaugh is Catholic that he’s moral?

What has the Catholic Church taught except the superiority of males and the “inferiority”
of females since time began?

It’s a “White male supremacist religion” which has only fought democracy and Separation
of Church & State it’s entire history –

That is, when it wasn’t running its violent “Crusades, Inquisitions and Burnings at the State” to
suppress opposition to its teachings.

So, are we to guess that your family shuns birth control?

If so, you’re a minority Catholic because Catholics do use contraception to limit their families.

And Catholic women all across the globe where they can do it, have just as many abortions as
any other women. In Ireland, every week, hundreds of women go to the UK for abortions.

What the Catholic Church is looking for is to have the US overturn Roe so that Catholic women
can’t get abortions – i.e., controlling their own members by controlling all of our societies and

This Vatican/Catholic Church has been sexually abusing children (as Italians make clear) since the
first days of the Church. And Pope Francis is being called on to resign because of his knowledge
of sexual abuse by priests and the failure of the Church to act.


I wonder what good any petition does. Personally I think phonecalls are much more effective. Calls make the person at the politicians office that are reminded there are constituants behind those voters names. Off topic I think tis horrible that so many voters were purged on the GA voting records. Most being of color. Coincidence? I doubt it


" Not Even Supreme Court Justices ‘Above the Law’"

ESPECIALLY Supreme Court Justices.


There is another and faster way to get rid of Kavanaugh.
Convict him of assault and of perjury and put him in jail.

That could only happen, of course, after progressive Dems take back the government. So let’s get to work, this year to un-elect Republicans, and after that, to get rid of corpo-dems in primaries.


I think we’ll see more of the same in context of the GA voters purge. Getting Kavanaugh in his seat demonstrates how our system, no matter where, can be finagled to ensure a status quo. Timing is everything. Giving one week for an investigation and purging voters before an election so the damage doesn’t have time to be undone is the same animal. Timing seems like it will be the new weapon to disenfranchise and suppress. I can bet that we will hear, “I wish it was different, but we/I didn’t have enough time”. It will always be after something happened, and then suddenly hands we’re tied behind their backs due to time restraints. Impeachment hasn’t happened, and I’m certain it will never happen.


I fear GA is but the tip of an iceberg.