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Petraeus ex Machina: Not Again!


Petraeus ex Machina: Not Again!

Ray McGovern

The news that President-elect Donald Trump called in disgraced retired Gen. David Petraeus for a job interview as possible Secretary of State tests whether Trump’s experience in hosting “The Celebrity Apprentice” honed his skills for spotting an incompetent phony or not.


Sure doesn't seem like Petraeus is disgraced in the eyes of any of the Fascists that are now in control of Our Government.

Which is all that seems to matter these days, if you want to be in a position of power

All this, while they oontinue to persecute Chelsea.


No, no, no, no NO!

Not this turkey! Not General Party Pants!

Come on!

President Trump, you lambasted Jeb Bush in the Republican debates for the ruinous GWB Iraq War, and now you are considering using the same stooges bush used?

All Betrayus was good at was dragging out this war for ten years pretending to win it.

Please, please, listen to CIA's Ray McGovern on this!