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Petraeus Plea Deal a 'Profound Double Standard,' Says Whistleblower's Lawyer


Petraeus Plea Deal a 'Profound Double Standard,' Says Whistleblower's Lawyer

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The plea deal given to former CIA director David Petraeus, which will allow him to skip prison time despite leaking military secrets to his mistress and biographer Paula Broadwell, highlights a "profound double standard" in the Obama administration's treatment of whistleblowers, a lawyer for an imprisoned government contractor wrote in a letter to federal prosecutors on Monday.


Nothing is indicated, but I would suggest that he gets to keep his retirement status.


Punishment is always inversely proportional to power within an empire. Here, the double standard is not too surprising, given that Petraeus certainly has GPS coordinates on myriad bodies…


Equality before the law should mean just that! Anyone found guilty of a particular crime should expect to get equal treatment to anyone else found guilty of that crime.


Petraeus is one of those people the Cheney/Bush administration elevated to “godlike hero” status to help it legitmize the foundering “strategy(?)” of the illegal war in Iraq. His so-called “new training strategy and doctrine” on how to conduct the war against the Iraqi insurgents was little more than a rehash of ignored or forgotten lessons from the Vietnam war and other guerilla wars in history, and already (re)learned and in place by some commanders on the ground. Cheney/Bush were so desperate to make it look like they were on top of the problem that they had to have a military officer of some rank to promote and save the day for all those “stupid grunts” out there who knew no better.


Now there can be no denying that the Petraeus betray us slogan was true. We knew it when he played along with the Bush lies about the war, but even RWNJs must admit now that he did indeed betray us.


As if they cared or would alter their behaviour even a bit if every honest person stayed away from jury duty. Surely there is something better we could do such as helping your fellow jurors look past the BS and actually judge the merits of the case. I know I did.