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Pew Finds that Austerity-Mad Red States Recieved More Federal Aid


Pew Finds that Austerity-Mad Red States Recieved More Federal Aid

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Governments of Republican-leaning states are seemingly always banging the drum of austerity: decreasing corporate taxes, slashing spending, and cutting programs. But red states' ideology and their preferences at the voting booth are not reflected in their state budgets, as a new report (pdf) by Pew Charitable Trusts on Monday found that those locales are the greatest beneficiaries of federal money.


Ghana died. Since then, we are all hypocrites.


Someone one should fix the spelling error in the title of this article. It’s “Received” (not recieved).


Virginia less than 25 percent? Maybe, but let’s see how many salaries are paid to Virginians that come from the federal gov. Next door to Washington and with many military bases, they are sucking heavily on the government’s teat.


We began implementing the austerity agenda in the 1980s, slowly and from the bottom up. By now, trying to stop it would be like trying to stop a train. First, the money was redistributed upward, and now a huge chunk of the US budget is redistributed into war/the military. Budgets do reflect the nation’s priorities.


I live in what I lovingly call “the upper right corner” of Washington, the State, not the city. My county, and most of the rest of the eastern side of Washington reliably votes Republican. We are also the claimed home, although rarely seen, of a Congressional Leader, Cathy McMorris-Rogers. Our elected legislative leaders reliably vote to cut taxes, fail to live up to the State Constitution and provide for schools, and gleefully take every dime they can from our state budget and national programs. Several years ago my county received about 5 times as much money from state gas taxes as we sent to the state for gas taxes collected within the county. And still our County Commissioners (all Republicans) can’t maintain our county roads. They would rather waste money on lawsuits trying to get federal land deeded to “the people”.