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Phalanx of Philadelphia Cops Arrest and Assault Crying-Toddler-Holding Guy For Evading $2.25 Fare and Did We Mention He's Black?


Phalanx of Philadelphia Cops Arrest and Assault Crying-Toddler-Holding Guy For Evading $2.25 Fare and Did We Mention He's Black?

Now that we've established some legal protections for gay and sick people, maybe it's time to safeguard black people still being terrorized by blue people. Case in point: The burly mob of Philly cops who set upon a black dad carrying his baby daughter, seizing him by the neck, slamming him into a wall and arresting him after he allegedly failed to pay his $2.25 subway fare, all while he clutched his increasingly distraught child and several appalled bystanders offered to pay his lousy fare. The police chief: "We don’t teach people to grab persons by the throat." Surreal video seems to dispute him.


This sort of thing is just to condition people to fear. “If I make a mistake, if I misunderstand what a cop says, if I don’t do what I’m told, will I get beaten? Killed? Thrown in jail? Fined?”

  • This can go further. “What will happen if I am black, brown, Asian, very poor?”
  • People have been Tased while having an epileptic seizure, while being unable to respond due to diabetic or other health problems. Some have been Tased or beaten because they didn’t understand the cop’s language, so didn’t obey.
  • What a lot of this stuff looks like to me is just to condition people to do whatever a cop tells them, to never question a cop, to never resist, whatever is being done to them, for a lot worse can happen. You’ve seen it on the news.
  • Just one more step on the road to a police state.


Unfortunately the bad ones are such monsters that they dwarf the deeds of the good, at least in shock value.


The problem has been created on multiple fronts. To begin, the police themselves are isolated from the general public. They spend 24/7 together. They go to cop bars and attend cop parties. Any attempt to mingle with the general population, (i.e. going to a non-cop event) will not be fun for them They must either lie about what they do or face possible expulsion (true story). As they go through their daily lives they must deal with the old-guard cops who are the ones in charge. If they don’t fit in with them, life will be hell until they either resign or are fired for some minor infraction. Finally, since the “war on terror” was implemented, police training has been militarized. Cadets are taken to military facilities for part of their training…mock urban areas with pop-ups to shoot at a second’s notice. The military is trained to use force against force to the point of death. Death should be the absolute last resort for the police who are dealing with citizens who are often abiding the law as best they can considering its twisted nuances. Military training has no place in police procedure. New York City has been doing psychological testing of recruits for over fifty years. The results? Almost 98% of those prospective recruits who scored high on social sensibility (people who join to show not all cops are bad) resign or are fired within the first year. The other 2% are gone by the second…and guess who’s left? Surely there are plenty of decent people practicing law enforcement, but the odds are against them and in most situations where there are multiple officers involved, they are usually in the minority and are compelled to go along with the majority or lose their jobs. Until citizens stop treating the cops like shit and until cops stop seeing every citizen as a potential criminal this will go on and on and on and…


I think all Americans need to discuss this attitude of police that whenever they stop you that you instantly give up all your rights and must submit to however you are treated with no complaint or objection! They seem to feel that you must obey their every command without delay like a robot or slave (someone without any rights). There is no presumption of innocence anymore nor respect for it either.

There is an attitude among police that if you even object to what they are doing then that makes you fair game to being assaulted or sadly even killed because you did not obey orders instantly!

Yet they’ll excuse their own behavior by saying it is just a job and they are just human beings and need special consideration because they don’t want to risk getting hurt. Yet police in most European countries do not act this way towards their fellow citizens.

Police are your friends we are told… it doesn’t look like even the police believe that anymore.

Mutual respect would be nice … not risking death because you didn’t feel like answering why you are standing where you are standing on a public street. My point is that Americans have to clearly define and discuss what exactly are their rights are in relation to the police.

Guidelines should be set out because it is all ambiguous and subject to abuse.

Can you object to being searched without cause? Legally (constitutionally) you cannot be searched without just cause. But realistically…can you object to it? refuse it? Can you do ANYTHING about it? Or is your constitutional right merely a joke?

Can you even refuse to answer a cop when you aren’t doing anything illegal but just existing or do you have to justify why you are simply walking along a street?

Do you have the right to argue the injustice of being arrested when you know that you are innocent? Can you object to it SAFELY? Can you even insist that you are innocent without incurring significant risk to life and limb?

Have you ANY real rights anymore in America …

…when a cop decides that he wants to mess with you or needs to fill an arrest quota?


Fascist police state…


Answer: nope. …especially if you’re the wrong color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, ad nauseum…


Echos of Brown shirts bang in my head. You state so precisely what has been happening. It is not Constitutional to stop people and search them on the street or to ask them for their ID at any time, it is part of the Patriot Act. The act whereby we Patriots gave away our freedoms, whereby our homes can be searched without a warrant, where all the passengers in a car have to give their ID to the police when the car is pulled over, and many other kinds of infringements (try putting $100 in the bank when you a getting a loan) which are played out against mostly black folks, right now. But it is showing up against poor whites and mentally ill folks too. I have seen a person in epileptic seizure be abused by the police, This military training is outrageous and should not be tolerated by the people of the US any longer. We have the National Guard and State Guard if there is any problems needing the military. The police, I agree, should be trained, but should not act against the people like this. We are not the problem. A man cheating the train out of it’s fare is not the problem. He should have been given a ticket for $25 and the instance should have been over. Period. The police are not meant to put their hands on the people. What happened to them working for us? We the people seem to have become the subjects of, you too, said it up there, Fascist police state, mirroring NG. 1939.


Most of that Patriot act was put to paper long before 9/11. They knew something was coming.


We didn’t give away our freedoms, they were taken from us predicated on a false flag event.


“The military is trained to use force against force to the point of death.”

With cops, in jurisdictions across the country, they’ve been explicitly trained to treat any failure to submit as such a “force” to be dealt with exclusively by escalation demanding compliance. It’s not universal but it’s pretty widespread, and the training selects for escalation-by-cop.

So if you are a proud person, and a cop asks you to eat a shit sandwich, you might spit it out instead, and thus put your life at risk based on their training.

i read about a counter-training that was implemented i think by KC MO, to train cops in de-escalation rather than in escalation.


i should quit saying that, i can’t find any citation for what i said about KC.

“But i read it somewhere on the internet.”

But i do find citations for police deescalation training, Cleveland and NYC and other big cities. Articles also about how hard it is for deescalation to break the standard police culture of escalation.


We Patriots did not give up our freedoms.

  • The illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed “Patriot Act” was written and polished well before 911. Hitler’s Enabling Acts were on a shelf long before the Reichstag fire, they were documents written to take away the Constitutional Rights of the German People. What they required was a public black op to drag the people along with it. The SS set the fire and blamed it on a mentally challenged Dutch carpenter, if I remember correctly, who also happened to be a Communist. The enabling acts were brought out right after the Reichstag fire “to save the German People from Communism!.”
  • It was only to last for the duration of the “emergency,” which lasted until the Fuehrer killed himself in his bunker in Berlin.
  • In the United States, the PNAC put forth a manifesto to the effect that the new century was to belong to the United States. Their manifesto lays out a plan for Full Spectrum Domination of the world by the United States, by military and economic means. One statement made in the document was that the only way the people could be conned into going along with this madness would be if the United States had a New Pearl Harbor to drag them along with the plan.
  • On 9/11 we got the new “Pearl Harbor” and almost immediately, the Illegal, unconstitutional, and misnamed Patriot Act was brought out, waved in the air and approved unread by Congress, to “save the people from Islam.”
  • The rest, as they say, is history.


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Naomi Wolf?


When the Supremes appointed Bush to be president, I wrote dozens of articles and commentaries urging people to read the PNAC (Project for the New American Century), look at the names signed on their Statement of “Principles” and look at who was in Bush’s cabinet, his VP, etc.

  • Apparently, almost nobody made the connection, so we had the PNAC furthering their aims and consolidating their position for eight years. It has continued to grow through the next eight.
  • Read the PNAC. It is the Mein Kampf of the Fourth Reich, once the Constitutional Republic of the United states of America.
  • It still proceeds apace. Full Spectrum Domination of the world through military and financial means. Endless war, endless profit, endless control.
  • Does that look familiar?


Good link, thanks!


Unfortunately we are in the “selective process” era of judicial procedure. This means if your rights are violated you pretty much have to fight all the way to the Supreme Court to get relief…if any is to be had. Last time I looked, my bank account couldn’t survive the first round. If it wasn’t for the ACLU and similar groups there would be no relief at all.


There is only one crime in America that is GUARANTEED to get you prison time >>> The crime of not being able to afford a good lawyer.