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Pharma Karma: America Rejoices As Reviled Pharma Bro Shkreli Arrested On Seven Counts of Fraud


Pharma Karma: America Rejoices As Reviled Pharma Bro Shkreli Arrested On Seven Counts of Fraud

Smirky bad boy billionaire, douchebag pharma price-gouger and all round dismal human being Martin Shkreli was arrested by the FBI Thursday on seven counts of fraud for what prosecutors charged was a longstanding shell game in which he paid off debts from a failed hudge fund by plundering his former biotech firm, which is now suing him. A sense of gleeful schadenfreude ruled over social media, which was less than sympathetic. Sample: "Karma's a bitch." Also: "Bail was going to be set at $500,000 but they raised it to $27,500,000 just for him."


Will see what happens to this obnoxious rich prick. Somehow I doubt it be enough to match the crime.


♫ Plop, plop, fizz, fizz... Oh what a relief it is!

Now, if only the powers-that-be would routinely hold accountable the perpetrators of financial crimes, especially those in the banking, investment and insurance industries.

Recall the myriad events which occurred prior to, during and after the recent financial implosion (2007-2009). Well, curiously enough, the scandalous profiteers who collectively engineered— and/or substantially aided and abetted—the catastrophe, almost invariably, went unpunished. Whereas there should have been massive-scale arrests, prosecutions, guilty verdicts, as well as judgments of asset confiscations and forfeitures. (Go ask Alice.)


Don't forget their government enablers !


That's good.

There are "big fish" in the pond that Shkreli was swimming in, who are far more successful at price manipulation, and are also running a far larger Ponzi scheme, known as the global financial system.

Perp walks for the big fish won't come until collapse is truly under way. Schadenfreude won't be sufficient enjoyment to balance out the vast horrors being unleashed by the raging egos of those arrogant manipulators.

That said, i hope you have a nice ride Martin.


He "done himself in" with his hubris, bravado, and egomania. He is reaping what he sowed. Obviously he learned nothing from the fate of his fellow Ponzi schemer, Madoff. Vermin.


Wait. Is he wearing a hoodie?

The police better keep George Zimmerman away from him.


American corporations are filled with these predators. They have no allegiance to the U.S. or its citizens. You name the industry, they shakedown and fleece there customers. Skimming money from customers while pretending its in there customers best interest. The pharmaceutical industry is the worst. But will we see more of these corporate criminals arrested? What about the bankers that committed fraud in the housing markets? What about the healthcare Industry that refuse to give out prices for services?


He's a psychopath. But the only reason he's getting his plug pulled is that he wasn't successful enough and started to draw attention to other psychopaths. The ones further up the predatory chain couldn't be having with that, so he's for the chop.


It never is.


The gouging is abhorent - a petition in another case of a child whose medication through Vertex Pharmaceuticals costs more than a house every year - and thats through a charity program!!


The Laws of Thermodynamics are NOT Optional.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action.



Socialist porn. Wank wank.

Meanwhile the ice caps are melting.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I think the basic idea of what is going on here, reminds me of a classic old German Fritz Lang film from the 1930's titled 'M'. If you don't know its a movie where the criminal gangs in the underworld of Berlin, have to get together to bring in a child murderer, because the child murderer is kind of bringing a spotlight down on their own criminal activities. But then again, its not the same, because in this case what this guy is doing is nothing compared to what the big boys are up to. But its kind of sad to see Abby and the others getting all excited/happy because he is arrested. Do we really want to put away such a nice example of what results we can expect from the way our economy is set up? So we can go on pretending it is ok? By arresting him, they get to pretend that these illegitimate activities are actually dealt with justly, which of course is far from the truth.


Let's hope his attorneys raise their rates by 700% now that he's in dire need of legal assistance.


Agreed. The political, pharmaceutical, military, banking industries and the like are replete with the same kind of characters. It's the ones that go rogue and don't collude with and defer to the controllers that get called out and drawn up. That's the only reason Shkreli's feet are being held to the fire.


Even Big Pharma is offended. He's giving corruption a bad name.


Great comments-Breaking news all over corporate media;the bad guy who spoke about the world we live in is going away-----AND TODAY THOUSANDS WILL DIE BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD MEDICINE OR HEALTHCARE!