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Phil Murphy’s Victory and the Goldmanization of Government


Phil Murphy’s Victory and the Goldmanization of Government

Sam Pizzigati

Trump’s Goldman Sachs crew is killing regulations that protect working people.

Murphy may prove to be an excellent governor, who moves New Jersey toward significantly greater equality. Or he may come be seen as a blundering know-it-all, whose incompetence discredits the progressive positions he now champions.


New Jersey Democrats could have nominated a cabbage to run against Kim Guadagno. There was no way she, as Chris Christie’s lieutenant gov, was going to win. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for yet another Government Sachs show pony—especially having a Green candidate, Seth Kaper-Dale, who is every bit as smart as Murphy, but whose platform is light-years ahead.

Unmentioned in the article was Murphy’s declaration that he intends to legalize recreational marijuana. (The outgoing gov fought tooth and nail against medical MJ, probably at the behest of the state’s powerful pharma lobby; while theoretically available, a thicket of barriers makes access difficult). Having a state bank able to handle transactions for pot growers and dispensaries would put New Jersey in a more advantageous position vis-a-vis the Feds than other states which have ended prohibition such as Colorado.


Yannis Varoufakis (former Finance Minister of Greece and author) has a great way of establishing that sometimes the most trusted individuals come from the evil palaces. Their knowledge of the dark arts is quite useful in righting wrongs. Their quest for redemption can be a powerful force.