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Philadelphia’s Forgotten Spirit of 1776


Philadelphia’s Forgotten Spirit of 1776

Sam Pizzigati

Later this summer, just a few weeks after this year’s Fourth of July celebrations, Democrats will be gathering in Philadelphia to make some presidential nomination history.

Democrats — small-d variety — gathered in Philadelphia soon after the original Fourth of July, too. Those democrats, all Pennsylvanians, also had some history to make. In September 1776, they would go on to adopt their new nation’s most egalitarian state constitution.


Thanks for raising this perspective. But both Pizzigati and Fatovic neglect one point, also neglected by the founders:

The ... leading figures in the generation of 1776 ... took, historian Clement Fatovic notes, “great pride in the relative economic equality they believed distinguished their country from those in Europe.”

What they neglected, of course, was the poverty of slaves and Native Americans. As we work to get back to "relative economic equality," we must be sure it doesn't perpetuate and aggravate those divisions.


There is an “all done and dusted” Clinton script abroad.

Superdelegates still have to cast their votes – people like Tammy
Baldwin in Wisconsin. Can she and others be persuaded to stop holding
their noses and vote for Bernie. Contact them.
We have a right to know who superdelegates vote for - and ensuring that their votes will be
publicized is the first step in holding them accountable.


There's often a sterility to words that images can compensate for.

It's difficult for people today to understand just how powerful conditioning in Europe's history (and therefore, the experience for most persons) had been when it came to the idea of royal families and privileged elites.

Watching a Jane Austin novel come to life in film helps to drive the SENSE of that time (that is, its mores) home.

Instead of even considering that poverty inclined people to behave in desperate ways, the elites looked down on these behaviors and interpreted them as poor breeding. And THAT prejudice still remains to this day. However, it helps to explain the tension produced by centuries of social and cultural conditioning and what was HOPED to be achieved on this "new" (for some) continent:

"But the struggle for independence upset this “politics of deference.” The colonial elites, explains historian Clement Fatovic, found it “more and more difficult” to reconcile “great disparities of wealth with the animating principles of the Revolution.”

That struggle remains ongoing and it's a FACT that a lot of people--particularly white males--forget. Women and persons of color are YET to appreciate full equality even though many would argue that the status for both groups has vastly improved.

I think it's both improved and regressed. For example, while the Black Community finally got the vote (not to mention, emancipation) the actual status of Black community salaries, Black community levels of incarceration, Black community levels of poverty, and the quality of Black community public schools is largely abysmal and mocks the idea of equality. Then, too, there have been recent "successful" efforts to roll back the Black community's voting rights.

As for women, while there are more women at the heads of companies and universities, women's pay remains far less than that of males doing the same jobs; and the rape culture is pervasive. Up until this most recent INTELLIGENT court decision that finally put a roadblock to the closing of so many Women's Reproductive Health Facilities, that key area of women's lives was also totally under siege.

This idea of progress is tricky. The question is, can there be genuine equality within any patriarchal society since such an entity takes its character and structure directly from the premise of status levels that together make up a hierarchy.

Authority and power, while usually tied to money and ownership, play key roles in sustaining the hierarchy that still advantages some more than others while owning the media (and message channels) that insists THIS is the way of the world (as it forecloses upon any alternative to its own design. And that design is all about power and privilege).

The truly equitable social equation (between the government and the governed) is YET to be actualized.

As can be seen in the current election, America's own version of royal dynastic families is busy working to maintain the crown/throne... against the GENUINE wishes of The People.


I would say the premise came from the Indigenous Tribes who DID view the land as belonging to all. It may have been adapted to fit American economics through Henry George but he was hardly the "author of the doctrine."



Thank you for the reminder. I enjoy using the term "grifters" but gangsters works just fine,




Try to get to Philly NOW!



Happy 4th Everyone!

Here is the the musical number audio that was banned by President Richard Nixon in North America in 1972 since it revealed too much about the motives of the One Percent:

Oh say do you see what I see?
Congress sitting here in sweet serenity
I could cheer; the reason's clear
For the first time in a year, Adams isn't here

And look, the sun is in the sky
A breeze is blowing by, and there's not a single fly
I sing hosanna, hosanna
Hosanna, hosanna

And it's cool
Come ye cool cool conservative men
The likes of which may never be seen again
We have land, cash in hand
Self-command, future planned
Fortune thrives, society survives
In neatly ordered lives with well-endowered wives

We sing hosanna, hosanna
To our breeding and our manner
We are cool

Come ye cool cool considerate set
We'll dance together to the same minuet
To the right, ever to the right
Never to the left, forever to the right

May our creed be never to exceed
Regulated speed, no matter what the need
We sing hosanna, hosanna
Emblazoned on our banner
Is keep cool

What we do we do rationally
We never ever go off half-cocked, not we
Why begin, till we know that we can win
And if we cannot win, why bother to begin?

We say this game's not of our choosing
Why should we risk losing?

We are cool
We say this game's not of our choosing
Why should we risk losing?We cool, cool, cool
Cool, cool, cool
Cool cool men.

Mr. Dickinson: "Mr. Hancock, You're a man of property; One of Us. Why don't you join us in our minuet? Why do you persist in dancing with John Adams. Good Lord sir, you don't even like him!

John Hancock: That is true. He annoys me quite a lot. But still I'd rather trot, to Mr. Adams nugabot.

Mr. Dickinson: Why? For personal glory? For a place in history? Be careful sir, history will brand him and his followers as traitors.

John Hancock:: Traitors, Mr Dickinson? To What? The British Crown, or the British Half Crown? Fortunately, there are not enough men of property in America to dictate policy.

Mr. Dickinson: Perhaps not. But don't forget that most men with nothing would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich, than face the reality of being poor. AND THAT IS WHY THEY WILL FOLLOW US:

To the right, ever to the right
Never to the left, forever to the right
We have gold, a market that will hold
Tradition that is old, a reluctance to be bold.

I sing hosanna, hosanna
In a sane and lucid manner
We are cool

Come ye cool cool considerate men
The likes of which may never be seen again
With our land, cash in hand
Self-command, future planned
And we'll hold to our gold
Tradition that is old, reluctant to be bold.

We say this game's not of our choosing
Why should we risk losing?We cool, cool, cool
Cool, cool, cool
Cool cool men.

TJ says:
Revealing Aye? The One Percent will never redress anything until their hand is forced. Let's force it in Philadelphia once again!

Bernie Sanders is making History. No one knows how this is going to turn out. Get off your azzes and get to Philly if you can! We can't leave a good man like him hanging in the breeze! TPP is a deal-breaker! We cannot accept it!

We warned them! Now it's time to whip out the Trump Doomsday Weapon:

Dear Dem SuperDelegates: Sandman Supporters want you to:

The Dump Clinton Doomsday Weapon

And here's why it's going to work:

Look Out SuperDelegates!
Many of us Sandman supporters (>20 percent) will not vote for TPP-birthing, War-Clinton under any circumstances!
Are you prepared to lose another branch of government to the Repukes?

Do you see that Red 20% Wedge? That's me voting for Trump if Sanders is not nominated at the Democratic Convention. It's just enough to make you DNC scumbags lose the White House since this election is so close!

And that was back in May before we found out about all the cheating by Dirty Debbie Wasserman Shultz leaked emails when the DNC server was hacked according to accounts now in the public domain. It's gotta be more than 20 percent of Sander's Supporters intending to vote for Trump if Clinton is the Dem nominee. SuperDelegates, better think twice about nominating someone so hated.

(Note: Clinton claimed the TPP is the "Gold Standard of trade agreements"; Never mind that she now claims to be against the TPP monster that she helped create! And All of her six Dem Platform Representatives that she picked voted in favor of TPP! )

And this Rasmussen poll shows Trump beating Clinton 43 to 39 percent:

Dear SuperDelegates:
Bernie Sanders beats trump in virtually every national poll by double digits.
If you are smart you will dump Clinton, just like you did in 2008.
The Sandman Supporters


Great advice Enemy of War. If more USAmericans were familiar with its content and the process of actually getting to a declaration of independence, the oligarchs and the media they control might have a harder time rolling over the rightful sovereigns of this nation.

“A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.”
― Samuel Adams


Fascinating to learn how British colonial socialists were operating in our colonies in 1776.

Damned commie troublemakers!