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Philando Castile Should Still Be Alive


Philando Castile Should Still Be Alive

Jana Kooren

Philando Castile should still be alive.

Mr. Phil (as he was known at school) worked at my son’s elementary school in the cafeteria. My son started pre-K this fall at the tender age of four. First thing he did every morning was walk in and get breakfast. He had never eaten in a cafeteria — he didn’t know the routine — and from day one Mr. Phil made him comfortable. I would often walk in with my son and had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Phil many mornings.


Wasn't Philando carrying a gun?


Would Philando have been shot if the officer had not seen a gun? Was there a problem with communications between the two? Could the officer have mistaken Philando's reaching for his wallet as reaching for a gun? Did the officer react instead of addressing the incident in a practiced way? Did Philando move too fast?


I did, but there were no answers to my questions.


That depends on whether whites and blacks have economic equality.