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Philando Feeds the Children


Philando Feeds the Children

Amidst the current hellscape, a sliver of grace: In honor of Philando Castile, the much-loved school cafeteria worker murdered for being a black man, a memorial fund has raised over $77,000 - way above its goal of $5,000, and enough to clear a year's worth of student lunch debt. Castile often paid for kids' lunches when they couldn't; now, "Mr. Phil will feed his kids for as long as we can raise the money."


This is by far the best news all day! It brightens the day just knowing that people are basically good, especially on a local, more personal level. This is a great tribute to Philando, and yet another reminder that, indeed, BLACK LIVES MATTER!


I once heard a story on NPR about a woman who stuck gold stars on people’s foreheads whenever she saw someone doing a good deed, maybe we all ought to stuff our pockets with gold stars? Maybe if we all started reinforcing the good things going on then maybe this hellscape would wither some, whatya say folk’s?


Pretty harsh words for a person who doesn’t know the difference between “progressive” and “regressive.”

I’ll gladly pay, and pay twice before I’ll see American kids go hungry. Our local school district does this through a local foundation which is totally funded by private donations, many of which come from other parents and the teachers.


You’re the Regressive here, pal. Go back to your Trump rallies, your gun shows, and Rush!


The power of community can make a huge difference in our world of social injustices. It’s not the government making things right or good … it’s the community.


Conservatives are fond of telling us that “government should do for people what they can’t do for themselves;” trouble is, I can’t think of anybody who wanted to go to war against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, etc.

But that’s what our gov’t does, at a fearsome cost to taxpayers, leaving us to donate our remaining dollars to whatever cause tugs hardest at our heartstrings. Charitable donations show that we’re mostly compassionate toward our neighbors, so why does our largesse seem always to go to those who need it least (he asked rhetorically)?

The daily news would look a lot different if gov’t really cared what we think. So how do we make gov’t care what we think? I see some hands going up…


The troll that you and I both replied to has disappeared. I should say his comments did. ???


This is a great idea for a lasting campaign to honor Philando Castile. When I went to the site to add my little bit, they were already over $80,000.


Good Riddance!