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Phone and Online Voting for Democrats in the 2020 Caucuses? DNC Is at a Major Crossroads

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/18/phone-and-online-voting-democrats-2020-caucuses-dnc-major-crossroads

Roosevelt and the DNC are turning to their “experts” to delay the future, stay in control and keep their jobs. All their objections have long been resolved:

Blockchain secured voting:


If our troops overseas can vote securely online and if we can bank online, we can vote securely online.

With the exception of one letter, there’s not much difference between them.

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Excellent move by the Democratic Party: Multiply the voting chaos!

Just what US democracy needs in the time of Trump!

Great strategic assessment, “leaders!” Goes well with your clear strong party platform!

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Make it clearer or more chaotic? What about this solution to prevent either of them?