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Phone Lines Flooded in Final Hours Before DeVos Confirmation Vote


Phone Lines Flooded in Final Hours Before DeVos Confirmation Vote

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

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Senate Democrats held an all-nighter while their Republican colleagues were deluged by phone calls from constituents ahead of Tuesday's noon-time vote on Education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos.


Behind the Scenes:

De Vos to Rep Party : " I PAID for this Position, I OWN you People, now, MAKE IT HAPPEN!"


If Devos isn’t acceptable to my senator Susan Collins, she isn’t acceptable. Gated community dwellers are hardly pro democracy and not likely to see the plight of the common man. What was Trump thinking when he said drain the swamp?


America, your child’s educational expenses are about to go up.


America, what will it take to make you pay attention to Education issues? DeVos in charge? God help us all.


I think it will take a while, after DeVos is able to implement her horrible privatization polies, before many of the parents with kids in the system will appreciate just how much harm has been done. At this point, too many parents see their kids as receiving inadequate educations (and they are correct) and are hoping that this might be the answer. Unfortunately,much of the ‘dumbing down’ we’ve witness over the past several decades has been a result of repug policy, and will get far worse when education is privatized.


“Now with at least 50 senators…publicly opposed to this nomination,” Warren said of DeVos, “the Republican leadership has rigged the vote so that Sen. Sessions can drag her across the finish line just before he is confirmed as attorney general.”

MS. WARREN! This is no time for sports cliches. Start calling this for what it is: A coup. A transfer of governance of a nuclear-armed nation to the banksters, who don’t give a damn about you, Bernie, Jill, me or we American wage earners. The DNC must be flushed and replaced with us. Thanks, but no thanks for “polite” sports talk.


That’s a good one! lol


And do not forget who my brother is!


I wonder if this is just kabuki theater to make people believe there is a difference between the corporate party and the other corporate party. How many appointees do you think will be voted down?


Well, 50-50 with Pence voting “Aye.” Just as predicted, DeVos takes the helm of Education.


is this actually surprising?

those votes were counted with absolute precision, and leaving it up to Pence to tie break is brilliant politics. The GOP gets their privatizer AND a major donor into office and Democrats can continue to play the role of public school defenders (and some of them actually are, so there’s that).

Donor class wins again.


I think it was. It’s amazing how few people know what whips do in Congress. Nearly all big votes are counted ahead of time, and in controversial votes, attempts are made for vulnerable politicians to avoid being tagged with a vote they would usually make but can’t afford to make right now.
DeVos’ case is a pretty classic example. The base made her nomination, for some strange reason, the cornerstone of the faux-resistance “movement”, yet we already know Democrat elites support privatization of schools (hence Duncan and others from the previous regime).
Pence casting the breaking vote protects literally everyone from the ramifications of this campaign.

We’re going to be seeing lots of these heavily engineered outcomes for awhile, I think.


lerenarde: Don was thinking that he’d lie to the American people. A growing subsidiary operation of “Mission Accomplished, Inc.”


“So can I, like, make every school buy Amway stuff now?”


Seems more and more that voting for either major party candidate was voting for more of the same. It is time to expose this continuous path the power elite has us on by exposing everything that points to the fact there is no difference between the two parties.


Great for prisons, public and private. We just watched as the 1% threw the next generation under the bus.
Now taxpayers can subsidize the bat-shit crazy folks who are sure kids need to be taught about the important stuff: God (you know, the white, male, jealous one) created the Earth 6,000 years ago – complete with fossils – climate change is a hoax, and we need lots of guns in school because, you know, those damned grizzlies.
Typical of bullies, Trump and his enablers go after those least able to defend themselves: the kids.


It’s likely that this road is going to have to be traveled at this point for the reasons you mention. It’s a horrible tragedy. I also expect that we’re going to begin seeing the first generations of poor and underclass literally grow up without compulsory schooling for the first time in over a century.

It appears that our people are committed to learning lessons in only the hardest of ways. DeVos never really mattered. She’s just a face pursuing a vanity office. It’s the movement to privatize that is the real target here. And that’s unfortunately a bipartisan commitment at this time.


I agree, but one thing you can see from this vote is that 'plausible deniability" is clearly a major consideration when anything controversial is up for vote. This is the Democrats secret sauce. I don’t envy them having to continue to pretend this way for so many years. It has to be exhausting. At least the GOP gets to be vulgar up front.

But in the end, you have to judge by outcomes. Duncan passed muster when Democrats controlled the cabinet votes in 2008. So obviously the elites of that party are, once again, counting on the unreliable memories of their flock to insulate them from this further travesty. And they’ll be correct to do so.


--------in flames. There, fixed it for ya…:slight_smile: