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'Photo-Op for White Nationalist President Isn't Helpful,' Says Wisconsin Dem as Trump Plans Kenosha Visit Despite Calls to Stay Away

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/31/photo-op-white-nationalist-president-isnt-helpful-says-wisconsin-dem-trump-plans

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Trump reminds me a lot of the Grinch, absent the potential for growth. He enjoys picking the wings off of flies in all forms. In this case, he is making a political calculation that he and he alone can fix it–remember that from the 2016 campaign? Probably unable to have the self-awareness to know that he broke these eggs and that there ain’t going to be no omelet, he will risk all for his stay-out-of-jail free card. We have a nation at stake and are being held hostage by a toddler. This is not the nation that so many have served not only in uniform, but as nurses, doctors, teachers, janitors, social workers, tradespeople, volunteers, etc. Many built this nation and yet one* threatens it. Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty is mighty thirsty.

*along with his fellow Fascists


I can’t help but point out that the democrats lost Wisconsin back in 2016 because the Koch brothers and Scott Walker made it inconvenient or impossible for black Wisconsinites to vote.
Nothing I have seen or read makes me think that turnout among democrats in Wisconsin will be any better this year. I hope they prove me wrong, but history supports my view.
If you are black and you want to vote in any swing state in 2020, you had better vote my mail or be prepared to wait in line for 6-8 hours.
We just had dinner last night with an old colleague of my wife, a retired black woman who hasn’t so much as been to church in the last four months for fear of coronavirus. She wasn’t apprehensive about the coming election, because apprehensive didn’t begin to describe it. It was more like foreboding. She genuinely believes that if trump is re elected it will usher in a new dark age for African Americans. Is she wrong?
I have a feeling of dread.


Of course Trump’a visit will make things worse. For the prince of chaos, that’s the point. The more chaos there is, the better - that has always been his modus operandi, and it works for him.


Trump, the Arsonist-Confederate Accelerator all wrapped into one horrid package.


What’s remarkable is how ineffective Democrats are at opposing right-wing extremism and white supremacy… especially when you compare that record to their consummate skill at blocking left-wing initiatives.

It is absolutely helpful to the President to visit Kenosha, to keep drumming up enthusiasm around white resentment and white rage. This is obvious to anyone who has casually observed American politics for the last twelve years. But instead of calling him out on that, what we hear from Democratic leaders is this sort of flabbergasted response, calculated to not offend affluent suburbanites and not defend BLM activism.

If leadership is left in the hands of these people, right-wing authoritarians will win. Plain and simple. And if it isn’t Trump who wins, it will be someone worse.


You are not wrong and why I will vote against this monster and then continue to oppose and work against this system of exploitation after we at least try to remove him.


Is she wrong?
(See this article and video):


And this:


Trump has to remain center stage so he will be there, however on the country’s way to firing him this November, Kenosha should fire their entire police department and start over. It’s over for them.

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good post, although I think you have to classify most Dem elites as “right wing authoritarians” themselves, given their appalling record on the police state and imperial policy.


I think her reaction is no less a function of the “outrage industry” effect as any other. And it’s in high gear right now every place where there’s a partisan interest in this election (including here).

it’s never been easy for the poor in general to vote, and the few times they did, they were immediately betrayed anyway, which lead to a virtual collapse in poor participation in electoral politics (what was the point?,they asked).

so if your votes are counted for Biden, not much in your life as a black person will change other than that the WH won’t be as open about its racism as Trump’s is. But the policies–the stuff of actual outcomes–won’t change at all. Biden and Harris’ records are crystal clear on that score.

Young black males still going off to the (not so) new plantations, young sisters still getting the worst jobs and being paid the least (as well as having the burden of raising black families with so many of the males incarcerated or unemployable), etc etc etc.

At this point, any foreboding should be thoroughly generalized, because basically, the entire population of ordinary Americans (middle class and lower) are royally screwed regardless of how this idiot election turns out.


It’s his JOB to foment race war. He’s nothing remotely like a mammalian cerebral cortex that you or I would consider the equivalent of a Hominid “brain?” Lizards, sharks, disease causing parasites never evolved “imagination.” They’re not so much AFRAID of innovation, of reason or fact. They’re simply incapable of envisioning the concept, any benefit? If thousands & thousands of god fearing poor locals donned Chinese child-slave-shop MAGA hats and welcomed him with open arms (celebrating, his glorious victory over the China Virus® and FREEDOM, by not wearing masks?) Well, maybe NOT? He’s probably been a 5K hologram, or Alec Baldwin for the last 5 months’ appearances?) Nevermind!
New York Times, Bezos Post & CNNBC are now all back to describing any protest of ubiquitous police murders “riots” “looting” and “urban chaos” so, same as it ever was?






will only delay our work to overcome division and move forward together

Oh for god’s sake dems, DIVISION AND DISCORD is exactly what the humpty trumpty dictator WANTS!!! DO SOMETHING CONCRETE INSTEAD OF YOUR CONSTANT HAND RINGING AND EXPRESSIONS OF OUTRAGE. Do something like, I don’t know, surrounding Air Force One with state troopers after it lands and not allowing him to get off the plane. Hell, I would be fine with letting him off the plane and then arresting him on charges of ‘inciting to riot’. Pretty sure there are laws to that effect on the books in every state. JUST.DO.SOMETHING.


This is the real Scott Walker:


The only effective antidotes to fascism are programs of social uplift: anti-war programs, public health-care programs, public education programs, ecological restoration programs, green energy programs, clean water-for-all programs, sustainable agriculture programs, child-care programs…

Such programs are inconsistent with the DNC-GOP goal of privatizing everything and fully converting government into an instrument of predation in the hands of the ruling classes. Hence, the DNC wing of the one-party U.S. government is fundamentally unwilling to oppose fascism. Fascism is the telos of neoliberalism.


And angry, out of control people, can be very useful.


David Rovics wrote a deeply informative letter from Portland, where long-simmering tensions seem just like those in Minneapolis or Kenosha:

And yes, most US cities are Democrat-run, as Trump is so fond of pointing out. There are reasons for that. Unfortunately, these Democrats, like their Republican counterparts, are largely also wealthy landowners, such as Mayor Ted Wheeler, and/or politicians paid off by corporations, incapable of doing anything more than mouthing progressive slogans while they screw the entire working class over and over again with their actual actions. And what is especially telling is that in these progressive hotbeds, the police forces are full of unaccountable human rights abusers and members of the far right, and most of each city’s budgets goes to them every year. And despite the fact that these police departments are constantly losing lawsuits brought against them by the citizens they kill and maim, their killer cops not only almost never go to prison, but they almost all keep their six-figure jobs as our armed protectors.



I’m afraid too many Dems are fine with division and discord. Clinton’s crime bill which Joe heartily endorsed is just one example. Joe himself is a racist as well. The Dems won’t do a damn thing to actually try and stop Trump. They only care about their corporate bribes. They hate the citizens just like their Republican brethren .
Regarding Trump and Kenosha, instead of the police (who most likely love what Trump is doing) stopping him at the airport it would be great to see thousands of citizens overrun the airport and and landing strips so the racist in chief cannot even land his god damned plane.


What nation is this? Certainly not the one i learned about in school, you know the liberty and justice for all nation, the global force for human rights and justice and brotherhood of man. I cannot even recognize it as anything I have ever seen before. If anything it’s starting to remind me of the Weimar Republic. If even 10% of the derelicts who populate this shit-hole vote this sociopath in again, then as a whole population we really deserve death, as a precaution, before we kill the rest of all humanity - if not with WMD,s then at minimum by our poisonous genetic contribution.


Reminds me of Chuck Jones’ Ralph and Sam punching in for a hard day’s “sowing divisiveness” or “fomenting race & class war” wink, wink? When Reagan got SHOT, my Black partner was in West Philadelphia so I’d returned home to my Polak Hillbilly Pgh hood. It was HILARIOUS when I called, to hear street parties… laughter, everybody just allowing them selves a evening’s cathartic release. Knowing full well, none of this mattered (even if General Haig launched on Russia) their lives, in a then Democrat state with a Black Democrat mayor would continue in their part of the charade to trickle folks’ earnings, equity, labor, indentiture, kids, retirements, dreams and aspirations UP, if Poppy Bush took the throne. Everybody’s question to me was, “what kind of inbred, wet-brained knuckle dragging peckerwood would shoot Reagan with a fucking .22LR wadcutter?” Good morning RALPH!


~https://www.fastcompany.com/90541283/surprising-covid-19-side-effect-more-companies-adopt-the-4-day-work-week (first thing I did, was invest in AI, cloud, e-vendors…)

~https://electrek.co/2020/08/27/tesla-hack-control-over-entire-fleet/ (I’m WAITING to see WaPo’s version?)

~https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/craigsilverman/cheap-chinese-smartphones-malware (mind you, this is BuzzFeed!)