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Physicians for Human Rights Statement on New York Times “How U.S. Torture Left Legacy of Damaged Minds”


Physicians for Human Rights Statement on New York Times “How U.S. Torture Left Legacy of Damaged Minds”

NEW YORK - In the following statement, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) responds to the New York Times’ latest reporting on the U.S. torture program:

Today’s New York Times article on the legacy of U.S. torture is yet another step forward toward learning the sordid details of that program. Unfortunately, this information is available not because the government has decided to come clean – it is available because of the persistence of dedicated journalists.



"The United States must start rebuilding its integrity and start close to home by acknowledging the extent to which it has promoted torture and ill–treatment, engaged in unlawful renditions, maintained a system of indefinite detention, including in black sites around the world, and imposed blanket secrecy around these actions. Once that information is available, the U.S. Department of Justice must initiate investigations and prosecute those responsible for these crimes under international law."

This includes civilians at home, in the USA. Targeted Individuals are part of the torture program. The NIH, SAMHSA Trauma Informed Care Program: "When Bad Things Happen to People", Obama's Brain Mapping Project, Obama Care - RFID's, Secret Services and MIC giving secret Neuroweapons and Remote Neural Monitoring equipment to the law enforcement organizations across the country, and Mental Health and Medical Health institutions mitigating the costs of the banking scandal and 2008 recession, by conducting Human Experimentation on their patients. Torture has come front and center into local secret policy in all towns and cities struggling for economic survival. 100% supported and backed by the local governments and city councils. The US judiciary has sanctioned all of it, the secret services closing ranks to support and control it. A money making operation much like Nazi Germany's concentration camps, the victims are disdained and ignored completely. There is no redress, no legal help, no psychological help except for a pill which brainwashes the victim, based on recording and identifying their thoughts all day, then erasing them at night. All made possible by the NSA.

Torture is being seen as a revenge tool that can be used, and then the same methods can be reverse engineered and the torture experience erased. And they think this is okay, and that it will solve the control problem. That people won't rebel because they have been tortured - rather they will be "healed"/brainwashed, and this justifies the use of torture as retaliation for someone who is willing to notice the criminality or injustice being done.

I have experienced it all. It is completely insane. It is a psychopath's wet dream. The dream sought after by all tyrants and wielders of authority throughout time. The CIA and universities and doctors have delivered on the American people's blood sweat and tears of paying taxes for the last 70+ years. I have been tortured to suicide by trillions in military investments in the most extreme violence ever perpetrated on an individual's mind in history. Then they gave me a remote lobotomy because I could not stop crying all day every day for a year. That stopped the crying. But not the memory. I've been given 15 death threats, by my psychologist and the psychologists at Mind Springs Health in Grand Junction, Colorado. Gordon Brown - a CIA remote viewer, used to have a website called "Mind Springs". Mind Springs Health is a CIA cutout, I've come to suspect. I've also been threatened with being given Alzheimer's.

Who is watching this? Who is reporting on it? No one. It seems the entire populace is supportive and complicit. Or they just simply do not understand the scope of what is going on right under their noses, and to those they see everyday. Families do not know their loved ones have been tortured, for years on end. Their brains, and memories, have been co-opted and and controlled remotely, 24/7/365, through signals. I believe my mother's memory has been completely wiped, and the only access she has to her memory is through her mind clone, hooked up by signals, 24/7/365. She is but a shell of a body - everything else is on a server somewhere, being controlled by an AI. This is the future of humanity. No one will get to have their own brain - it will be owned and controlled by the deep state. And there will be NOTHING you can do about it.

Is this what we want?? Speak now, or forever forfeit ownership of your brain.


Oh, and one other thing, the SS can take your entire brain's intellectual property and social network, and that of your family, and friends and anyone you come in contact with under the laws of 'non-combatant' terrorist designation or blacklisting, and then market it world-wider to as many corporations and organizations as possible. They can make trillions off of just one family's brain trust - or intellectual property. They have done this to me. They have all our artistic and architectural and building and invention skills, along with scientific knowledge and teacher's knowledge - accumulated over 60 years on all 7 people. This is a racket for the SS. It's not at all about terrorism. That was an excuse to collect it all, and to make money off of stealing people and their family's brain experience-sets, memories and social network connections, bank account info and economic manipulations to funnel the entire efforts of a family into the bank accounts of the SS and their masters.