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Pia Klemp Is the Hero the World Desperately Needs Right Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/01/pia-klemp-hero-world-desperately-needs-right-now


I was about to spout bromides (as usual) about how we need to be our own heros, then I read about Klemp. Okay, you got me there. The world really does need heros like this. Thanks.


There was a small cadre of the pervasive media that cared for character. That populations seems to have gone extinct in the Nineties.

When an Israeli tank rolled over a twenty something girl from Olympia Washington, the world media could not help but burp the incident. It was the macabre spectacle that drew the vicarious to the story. Very few reported the continued activism of the Corries in the Olympia area to this day.

Today we get details of those that sacrificed their lives or bodies to protect others during mass murders in the US.

More articles like this are desperately needed.
thank you ms. Zapata.


Trump-Trump-Trump-Trump - no time to report anything else - Trump-Trump-Trump-Trump

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And not particularly surprising that we have only 5 actual comments on this awe-inspiring personage, counting this one not yet posted.