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Pick Your Poison: Clinton Vs. Trump on Foreign Policy


Pick Your Poison: Clinton Vs. Trump on Foreign Policy

Stephen Zunes

In their remarks to the nation following the Orlando massacre, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made their differences—and disturbing similarities—crystal clear.


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Sorry Stephen, but rummaging thru the war policy pronouncements that Trump spews offhand not unlike the ravings of a crazy person, and the record/support for war/destabilization and arming everyone in sight from Clinton, without even mentioning the policy comments/platform on war and diplomacy, etc, etc of either Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein is de facto support for either Trump or Clinton, either of which I find as unacceptable as this commentary!

The issue is foreign policy and who has done and said what, and that should be inclusive, not exclusive, that actually makes a choice.......


I think that if Bernie Sanders is cheated out of his rightful place as the most popular candidate of the electorate (independents count after all) then Prof Zunes view needs be revised. This rigged election process has pulled back the curtain on just how different things are in this country since those Vietnam War days. Yes we changed things by public pressure back then but at the same time - things were changing around us.

Same country but different? Back then we didn't have Media Consolidation to deal with. Back then we didn't have Citizens United either. Nor a privatized version of Ashcrofts - Total Information Awareness surveillance state.

But mostly what we don't have is a sense of unity. What pressure did we exert in any meaningful way to ensure that the choice of candidates remained with the electorate rather that the party elites/status quo? Where was it? Surely we had the numbers and the enthusiasm but it was unable to exert the pressure that Zunes assumes that it should have.

What if we have lost more of our democracy than we realize? What if we have already lost the ability for public pressure to affect our policy? That is what it looks like now. We had the numbers and the enthused support but the powers that be with the media's help simply ignored it.

Maybe the progressive left should take a good look around and see where the old way has given ground to a new way where things have really changed. That 1% is not just money but power too. We don't want to admit it but we run around spouting freedom of speech and freedom of this or that but is it even true anymore? Do we really have the rights we once were guaranteed? Why do private corporations have the right to follow us and track us and know all about us but we have no recourse to this data collection? We are in a surveillance state and are acting like nothing has changed! Our elections have become banana republic corrupt and we do little more than say 'please don't keep doing that! it isn't fair!"

What pressure do we really have to affect policy if we can't even ensure a fair election?

Maybe things have already changed far more than we like to admit?


It's clear listening to the two of them that Trump runs off at the mouth and I'm sure some of it he means and some not. But when Clinton talks you have to read between the lines and the way she veils certain things she knows we won't like. In my mind she is worse than him. She has so much blood on her hands, from SOS alone that she is a horrible choice for any chance of peace.
Remember Dems always get a pass, like Obama has, but Republicans get beat up if they screw up.
We are going to have to fight who ever is the one but we've seen from the election how powerful and entrenched her power is to have things her own way. We would have a harder time getting her to change her direction than Trump.
I'm voting Green if Bernie isn't on it. At least it sends a message I'm done with Dems that have abandoned the people.


Commondreams, please don't publish any more pictures of Secretary Clinton. I nearly retch and become depressed every time I see her corrupt, soulless, heinous face. An artist's rendering of the Great Satan will do.

Pete: I've always wondered, what's the devil look like?

Ulysses Everett McGill: Well, there are all manner of lesser imps and demons, Pete, but the great Satan hisself is red and scaly with a bifurcated tail, and he carries a hay fork.

Tommy Johnson: Oh, no. No, sir. [S]He's white, as white as you folks, with empty eyes and a big hollow voice. [S]He likes to travel around with a mean old hound. That's right.

Like I said.


I lived through the sixties and while we thought we were being tracked by the FBI ( most of us were but it was silly since what point is there in tracking advocates of nonviolence...lol) but now everybody is tracked constantly. Hell if I was the firebrand I was when I was in my twenties I'd be screaming high holy hell about it. It amazes me how that has slipped into place so easily. The same thing for media consolidation which is the velvet glove in action. Everything we do and did these days is determined by the media. Sure we can do little things but socially and culturally as a nation, the media leads and we follow. Our media does not have a Walter Cronkite ethos to guide it. Citizens United is not democracy but the media says it is and so that is that it seems.

I am seriously wondering if we have essentially lost our democracy in all but name. This election is a turning point. Our last chance as a nation to choose the ** Of, By and For the people for real. After this, just how much real democracy will we have left?

Bernie's run became a historical What If moment when destiny pauses at a crossroads and a fateful choice Is made. Then life goes on in whatever direction was chosen.

Democracy or something else?


I agree with that. The media rigged this election more than did anyone else except that the Clinton machine worked behind the scenes. Even on NPR you could could tell that the word had come down from above and those who went along would get along about keeping silent about Bernie and giving Hillary a boost whenever possible. It was so noticeable. The problem is NPR became hypocrites and like other news sources they are now mistrusted. They moved against the will of the people and manipulated their own democracy in an unethical manner. That was psychologically depressing. It will bear a bitter or sour fruit.

The mainstream media wants to manipulate so much that they may even begin to feature more news again and less entertainment just to provide more opportunities to do so...Lol


Trump's America First foreign policy should be a red flag. Certainly it is for leaders around the world. Someone like Trump with little knowledge of foreign policy who tries to get what he wants by bullying and lying is dangerous. His financial power has gone to his head as he has trampled on all kinds of people to increase his power. Imagine what possessing military power would do to him and what he would do with that power.


With Hillary, we will be powerless.

With Trump we will be armed.



In the closing paragraph he relates that the elites have a disproportionate influence over policy and that all the politicians know this and that he doesn't believe (like some people suggest) that the wealthy elites might have the best interests of everyone else in mind. As if nobody has had time to notice if they have or not over the decades?

I had to smile at that though because the author failed to note that the politicians are themselves part of that wealthy elite for the most part!

Did someone go around saying the word oligarchy and now people are suddenly sitting up in surprise and saying >>> "Oligarchy? Hey lemme see? I wanna see if that's true!" Lol. Gee, I guess nobody noticed that things like Citizens United might have been a clue?


And "armed" is an advantage? Insurrection is an advantage? Let me be clear, everyone should vote third party. It's our best chance to say, "None of the above."


Help support the green party to get on the ballots on every state . They have less than 2 weeks to do so. Hope Bernie joins them. Never clinton. Write every so -called super delegate to support Sanders. They are listed on Wikipedia as well as who they say they are supporting. After convention if Bernie is not chosen, dump the democratic affiliation.


Maybe write him in - not sure if it will work. Ask jill stein if he can be on her ticket.


They also stole votes in Ca, az, il, nv,ny, and iowa.


Clintons emails and her list of donors from her server that she denied was hacked are on wikileaks. Donors gave millions. She may still get a visit from the fbi yet. The hacker said it was easy and 10 other hackers from foreign countries were also on her server at the same time as he was. Secretary of state server! Shoddy. And she is qualified?more emails will be posted on wikileaks.


"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." Mao Zedong


In a decaying society we will have very little control over how anything happens but for myself, I believe strongly that the non-violent resistance carries the best percentage on making things better instead of worse. So, I reject the violence implicit in Trump's rhetoric. I also accept that neoliberalism will inevitably unleash violence (already has) and that's why I think third party candidates have an important role to play.