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Picking The Wings Off Butterflies: Ever-Oblivious Bush Returns to New Orleans


Picking The Wings Off Butterflies: Ever-Oblivious Bush Returns to New Orleans

Blithely returning to the scene of (one of) his crimes, a grinning, dancing, shameless George Bush visited New Orleans on the 10th anniversary of Katrina to rewrite history, honor a rebuilt school, and celebrate what one lackey called "the almost unimaginable renaisssance" of a city that for thousands of hardscrabble survivors in fact remains ravaged. From one: “We ain’t been winning anything.”


Bush is the quintessential white guy.


This is celebrating just the start. The US Fourth Reich has been instrumental in creating hundreds of millions of destitute refugees all over the world. Practice makes perfect and the trillion$ pour into the MICC and the 0.001%, for producing war and war materials.
* Every foul and corrupt Empire that has ever existed has eventually crumbled due to its own dry rot. Invariably, millions have died in the process.
* Hopefully, this one is coming to an end, soon.


Bush is a sociopath by this definition:

  1. Required: Self functioning that is:Egocentric, getting self-esteem from power, personal gain or pleasure; and/or Sets goals based on personal gratification, without regard to whether achieving those goals is legal or ethical.

  2. Required: Interpersonal functioning that:Lacks empathy - doesn't care about hurting others; and/or Can't have true emotionally intimate relationships because relates by exploitation that may be by:
    *Control by dominance
    *Control by intimidation


Ignorant Audacity.


How can CD pass up a chance to dump on GW Bush?!! All the while everybody who does so is missing the bigger point--New Orleans, located as it is at the mouth of the dredged out Mississippi River and on the gulf coast whose barrier dunes have been disappeared in favor of more intensive urban and industrial development doesn't work as a large metropolis and Katrina showed that.
But "Nawlins" or "NOLA" (whichever suits your fancy) is far from the only place with that distinction. Houston TX, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-Palm Beach and Tampa St. Petersburg-Clearwater FL, Pensecola FL, Mobile Al, and Gulfport-Biloxi MS are urban sprawl too close to or even under sea level, too concentrated, too close to the coast, and potentially capable of suffering the same devastation as NOLA did if a strong enough tropical storm hit those places.
But in the wake of such disasters it is always, "let's rebuild it bigger and better than ever" and don't you dare tell those poor folks who have lost everything that they cannot go back and live in the shadow of the same danger that turned their lives inside out and upside down. The only people who benefit are the wealthy who own and run the businesses that profit from the location no matter what its dangers are.
They will always find new slaves to import whose current situation is even more desperate than those in New Orleans ten years ago even if they have to go as far as Central and South America (which has, in fact, happened).
No matter though, climate critics will remind us, "we told you so, we told you so!!" and Abby Zimmit will get the chance to write yet another snarky put-down of GW Bush (which is like mocking a bratty emotional juvenile approaching the age of the elderly). The climate critics were and remain correct and the best that can be said for "Dumbya" is that at least this time he didn't just do a wing waggle in AF 1 like ten years ago.


Lobo, Horsemanure !!! I'm a ' white guy" and I am appalled that this idiot has the gall to return to , essentially, mock the poor of New Orleans. Guaranteed the area was cleared by the goon squad so the village idiot would hear no voices of disgust. Much like his phony press conferences.


No insult intended to educated and compassionate males who are white. "White guys" are the bad actors that make all white people look racist, arrogant, egotistical, stupid and cruel.


It's not just W. The whole Bush family is stupid.