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'Picking Up At a Dangerous Pace': 1.9 Million New Covid Cases in US in July

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/02/picking-dangerous-pace-19-million-new-covid-cases-us-july


Knowing that testing nationwide is still minimal, and doing some simple math leads one to surmise that it’s quite possible that there are an estimated 30 to 60 million people infected in the United States.

And, that in itself could be a severe underestimate.


I suspect that the number of deaths are significantly unreported. It’s to the benefit of hospitals to report cases as Covid-19 because there is extra monies to care for these severely ill patients.
But my suspicion is that since all numbers must come through the White House team, many cases with Covid-19 caused pneumonia deaths are being reported as deaths by pneumonia and not Covid-19 dx. There was a battle on how to report these deaths early on. Same with renal failure cases. As infection rates increase, are decrease in deaths due to better treatment or re- diagnosis? Maybe both.


“A grim sign America lost its grip.”

I just love commenting on these quotes. My name should be Mr. Obvious - yes indeed this is a grim sign of America losing its grip, but it is only one of many signs. A more realistic sub-comment is:

The America Empire is showing distinct and obvious signs of utter collapse.

That is the real problem.


“It is extraordinarily widespread,” White House coronavirus task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx told CNN Sunday.

No sh*t Deborah Birx!! This is rich coming from you who sat there silently when the sociopath looked at you while talking about injecting disinfectant to cure covid and you said nothing.

Birx has been “response coordinator” of the “task force” since February (perhaps as early as January?). Has she or any other members of the task force taken any responsibility for the way this has been handled? Or the fact that is has been anything but “coordinated”? The “response” has not been “coordinated”.

It has been mass chaos.

And it is still my belief (and I’ve taken flak on this) that anyone who stands with trump on his “covid task force” is enabling trump and NOT helping with the big picture.

Narcissists/sociopaths use all in their web to their advantage in sometimes not so obvious ways. They triangulate (exhibit A: Fauci — trump – public), gaslight and smear which adds to the chaos.

Deborah Birx (and Fauci and main stream media’s wonder doctor Sanjay Gupta): where was your insistence we wear masks back in January/February/March/April . . . when a 3 year old from S. Korea could tell you we ALL needed to wear masks and socially distance to stop the spread from the start?

Did I miss all of you calling out for people to step up and start making PPE back in January/February for everyone?

How anyone can lump this woman into a category of those with credibility or being helpful is beyond me.

The u.s. is not alone in massive levels of selfish stupidity:

“Loudly chanting their opposition to face masks and vaccines, thousands of people gathered in Berlin on Saturday to protest against coronavirus restrictions before being dispersed by police.

Police put turnout at around 20,000 – well below the 500,000 organisers had announced as they urged a “day of freedom” from months of virus curbs.

“We are the second wave,” shouted the crowd, a mixture of hard left and right and conspiracy theorists as they converged on the Brandenburg Gate, demanding “resistance” and dubbing the pandemic “the biggest conspiracy theory”.


Sick fucks are everywhere! Yes sick in the mind, body and soul. Humanity must shed the stupid and embrace reality. When will this happen? Better be sooner than later, or we are all doomed. Peace


It is not a covid task force; it is really a Trump ask force.


“Deborah Birx (and Fauci and main stream media’s wonder doctor Sanjay Gupta): where was your insistence we wear masks back in January/February/March/April . . . when a 3 year old from S. Korea could tell you we ALL needed to wear masks and socially distance to stop the spread from the start?”

Thank you for speaking truth. I’m getting a little tired of everyone worshipping at the altars of Saints Fauci and Gupta. (And let’s not forget Saint Cuomo.) Apparently the bar is so low now, that as long as one isn’t as idiotic and delusional as Trump, one can be hailed a genius or hero for applying basic science to control a pandemic spread. Personally, I see a lot more death as we head into the winter. Even today, August 2nd, after all the death and suffering this disease has caused so far, I go on youtube and see videos of so many Americans disregarding masks and social distancing. Arrogance, greed, and selfishness will doom the American Empire. That is the true rot within.


could rename the GOP the Grand Old Pandemic at this point.



MakeAmericaGreatAgain, ehh! Oh, they must mean like in 1918.

While press reports often show comparisons of the U.S. vs the rest of the World on this pandemic, shouldn’t they be showing a direct comparison of New York vs the rest of the country, daily! You know, show the entire rest of the country that we are quite capable of controlling this pandemic ourselves, too. And all Cuomo really did is follow the original CDC guidelines and apply common sense.

Hmm, it makes me wonder if maybe the lack of comparison here has something to do with New York being a blue State and the commercial media wants a tight political race till November. Which of course is good for selling commercial time especially to big pharma.


This is a global report:


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Some 40,000 Americans die each month from high blood pressure. Headlines? No, the only thing going on in the world is the coronavirus. I tire of it. Yeah, it’s real and its serious and the US government is a total fricking joke in how it handled the matter. But don’t just blame Trump for God’s sake; there are plenty of other villains in this whole deal, and anyone who thinks that some magic vaccine is going to save the day has done absolutely no research on the matter, Bill Gate’s history, the ties to the pharmaceutical industry, the corruption of the companies who are now charged with creating this magic vaccine, or anything else. They just read the numbers, swallow the propaganda, allow themselves to be diverted from any other issues whatsoever, and spout the mainstream narrative of the “experts” like they are walking Gods among us. I smell a huge rat in all of this, Scores of millions have lost their jobs because of it, are losing their homes, their careers, their dreams, their futures. So I guess my concerns make me a “conspiracy theorist,” in a world where countless conspiracies have proven to be totally true. Oh well, just vote blue and wait for the vaccine, and that ought to solve all of the problems of this world.


Indifference and callousness are symptoms of ignorance and stupidity. And it all falls under the heading of a Capitalistic society in this instance.


Her dilemma is similar to a soldiers order. The officer tn charge is right in your face and you are under contract.
At least in her position she could speak truth to power and get fired or walk away with no immediate repercussions.

Rep. Grijalda should go around the capital coughing on members of the Fascist Party, fr.

Nobody is blaming anyone for the virus. But I hope you agree that trump was (is) in a position to ask for action. His RESPONSE was pathetic, to say the least. Wishing it away is not going to work. Some countries seem to have it under control. Is the us not capable of learning ?


Apparently not, given the history this country’s “leaders” keep repeating.

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Big problems usually cost big money to address. The prez has had the power to spend on this pandemic. I think he considers how some of each payout will go to him, his family, or other 1% ers.
Republicans loathe giving any money to victims without means.


Boston University.
Ellie Murray
“deaths have started to increase, we can expect them to increase for several more weeks,” said Murray.

Thank you east coast source.
Maybe you have been out of town on sabatical in the Alps.

How about the truth = for several more months !

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The precariousness of August in USA’s outbreak trajectory is difficult to overstate, but the general ban on US Americans traveling anywhere (without a 14 day quarantine) is one big red results flag, despite our chronic shortage of testing. How scarce are COVID tests? Scarce enough that sports teams can get tested regularly, but not members of Congress. Scarce enough that even our jock demigods have to wait for other urgent tests. Scarce enough that baseball is going down, soon to be followed by basketball and football. Those crashes should also be big red flags, despite out chronic shortage of testing.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    28 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   4.  02/15/2020          13          13
>   8.  03/14/2020       2,221       2,234
>  12.  04/11/2020     523,470     525,704
>  16.  05/09/2020     774,992   1,300,696
>  20.  06/06/2020     620,208   1,920,904
>  24.  07/04/2020     921,002   2,841,906
>  28.  08/01/2020   1,759,620   4,601,526