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'Picking Up At a Dangerous Pace': 1.9 Million New Covid Cases in US in July

MakeAmericaGreatAgain, ehh! Oh, they must mean like in 1918.

While press reports often show comparisons of the U.S. vs the rest of the World on this pandemic, shouldn’t they be showing a direct comparison of New York vs the rest of the country, daily! You know, show the entire rest of the country that we are quite capable of controlling this pandemic ourselves, too. And all Cuomo really did is follow the original CDC guidelines and apply common sense.

Hmm, it makes me wonder if maybe the lack of comparison here has something to do with New York being a blue State and the commercial media wants a tight political race till November. Which of course is good for selling commercial time especially to big pharma.


This is a global report:


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Some 40,000 Americans die each month from high blood pressure. Headlines? No, the only thing going on in the world is the coronavirus. I tire of it. Yeah, it’s real and its serious and the US government is a total fricking joke in how it handled the matter. But don’t just blame Trump for God’s sake; there are plenty of other villains in this whole deal, and anyone who thinks that some magic vaccine is going to save the day has done absolutely no research on the matter, Bill Gate’s history, the ties to the pharmaceutical industry, the corruption of the companies who are now charged with creating this magic vaccine, or anything else. They just read the numbers, swallow the propaganda, allow themselves to be diverted from any other issues whatsoever, and spout the mainstream narrative of the “experts” like they are walking Gods among us. I smell a huge rat in all of this, Scores of millions have lost their jobs because of it, are losing their homes, their careers, their dreams, their futures. So I guess my concerns make me a “conspiracy theorist,” in a world where countless conspiracies have proven to be totally true. Oh well, just vote blue and wait for the vaccine, and that ought to solve all of the problems of this world.


Indifference and callousness are symptoms of ignorance and stupidity. And it all falls under the heading of a Capitalistic society in this instance.


Her dilemma is similar to a soldiers order. The officer tn charge is right in your face and you are under contract.
At least in her position she could speak truth to power and get fired or walk away with no immediate repercussions.

Rep. Grijalda should go around the capital coughing on members of the Fascist Party, fr.

Nobody is blaming anyone for the virus. But I hope you agree that trump was (is) in a position to ask for action. His RESPONSE was pathetic, to say the least. Wishing it away is not going to work. Some countries seem to have it under control. Is the us not capable of learning ?


Apparently not, given the history this country’s “leaders” keep repeating.

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Big problems usually cost big money to address. The prez has had the power to spend on this pandemic. I think he considers how some of each payout will go to him, his family, or other 1% ers.
Republicans loathe giving any money to victims without means.


Boston University.
Ellie Murray
“deaths have started to increase, we can expect them to increase for several more weeks,” said Murray.

Thank you east coast source.
Maybe you have been out of town on sabatical in the Alps.

How about the truth = for several more months !

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The precariousness of August in USA’s outbreak trajectory is difficult to overstate, but the general ban on US Americans traveling anywhere (without a 14 day quarantine) is one big red results flag, despite our chronic shortage of testing. How scarce are COVID tests? Scarce enough that sports teams can get tested regularly, but not members of Congress. Scarce enough that even our jock demigods have to wait for other urgent tests. Scarce enough that baseball is going down, soon to be followed by basketball and football. Those crashes should also be big red flags, despite out chronic shortage of testing.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    28 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   4.  02/15/2020          13          13
>   8.  03/14/2020       2,221       2,234
>  12.  04/11/2020     523,470     525,704
>  16.  05/09/2020     774,992   1,300,696
>  20.  06/06/2020     620,208   1,920,904
>  24.  07/04/2020     921,002   2,841,906
>  28.  08/01/2020   1,759,620   4,601,526

This is a world wide fight between forces of light and forces of darkness. Blaming it on one person like Trump is the height of stupidity.As far as I am concerned Trump made the mistake of listening to Fauci about locking everything down - now it seems to be forever. Now he is making the mistake of listening to Bill Gates as far as vaccines are concerned. The magic bullet seems to be in vaccines right now - lots of magic green stuff for Gates and Fauci who are in the vaccine business. Listening to present day Democrats would surely mean the total fall and disintegration of America.

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How can people still think it will be OK to open schools?

Waiting here in Wisconsin to see if the . . . what should I call them . . . . certain members, those that have the majority of the Supreme Court (I’ll skip the expletives) will overturn Ever’s mask mandate. Any guesses?

Am I crazy to be one of the few people around that is still for the most part (must walk hyper rescue dog) staying home?

People are getting more hostile and militant about masks as each day passes.
And it’s as crowded as ever here in vacationland.

For me it’s like limbo.
But what are we waiting for?
Seriously. A vaccine? Biden to beat trump? Aaaarrgh.
It’s scary to really think about what we are waiting for.

In any case, thanks for the data.


The American Empire is doomed because it is an empire. All empires are doomed from the start.


… Scarce enough that in my SF bay area county (which has been, thankfully, making free COVID tests available for any county resident) I waited 13 days for my results!
Caroline, no you’re not crazy to be still staying home – at my house, we’ve had the routines down for months, one trip to the (small, local and safe) grocery store and one trip to the farmers’ market each week, plus walking those rescue dogs, and that’s it. Thanks goodness schools around here are emphatically not going back in person yet, so I don’t have to worry about that…

There have been multi-day periods where the confirmed new case infection rate hasn’t gone up. We’re in one of those periods right now. Unfortunately, the general curve has gone up and up since about April.

Best estimate, you can get the covid more than once. Herd immunity isn’t going to happen. Louisiana plunged forward with the covid, then pushed their pandemic down a few notches, then it exploded again and lots of new people are dying. For those of you that have deliberately exposed yourselves to the covid so that you’d be over it, you have just been practicing medicine without a brain.

Today’s headline is Texas. Apparently Hurricane Hanna had a big covid effect on Texas.

I’ve been updating state-by-state coronavirus statistics for 4 months now, since March 22, at ~http://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm


Many seem to be waiting for “back to normal” – but we know that’ll never happen. Right behind the first shock of COVID-19 in 2020 we have hurricanes and wildfires lining up to complicate the plot with the challenge of mass evacuations in the middle of this, not to mention a looming Blue Ocean Event. Every moment is an unprecedented, irreproducible confluence of phenomena. We’re all just passing through. That’s part of Gaia’s subtext for us in this lesson she teaches, imho.

Perhaps because of intractable laziness on my part, my basic question is different from yours – I ask Why do we all need to be in such a damned hurry? Being immersed in an economic system which constantly spurs everyone to keep swimming like sharks – that unnecessarily complicates things, and decreases our chances of getting through it okay. If only we could just take it easy!

I’ve noticed the ungodly amount of daily traffic here in the Fox Valley. We shouldn’t have to worry about hurricanes and wild fires, but even though the local economy is strong, some small businesses are closing their doors.
Healthcare is still a problem for our less than rich citizens. If we could just reinstate “Badger Care” and expand it we would be headed down a safer road.

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The stupid are eliminating themselves through Self Selection For Infection, but it will take some time and there will be a lot of collateral damage, especially among the doctors and nurses who will unfortunately have to care for the anti-mask beach bums and bar-flies when they show up at our hospitals. OTOH, Mother Nature has always found a way to lower the numbers of any species that has gotten out of hand, and it is no surprise that she’s found a way to get rid of a few of the two-legged cancer cells that are ruining her planet for most of the other critters (cockroaches, coyotes & 'pos­sums being notable exceptions).  Actually, Covid-19 isn’t all that great at this; although it’s highly infectious, it kills only
a very small fraction of those whom it infects – roughly ten percent of those who are hospitalized (after 6 - 10 weeks
of ICU care in many cases),* or only about one to two percent of the total number of (mostly unreported) cases.

*  There were 1.29 million cases reported in the U.S. as of May 8, and 132,000 deaths as of July 8, nine weeks later.  With a jump to over 4 million cases reported roughly a week ago, 400,000 deaths by Hallowe’en are possible.


I really hope that they come to their senses and do more, much more to address this crisis. Especially people who lost their jobs, and now are unable to pay rent. families may lose all they worked for for years because they cant pay rent. Its the fault of the legislators failure to increase wages, not their faults.

The blame for that rests squarely on the lap of the incumbency of both parties.