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Picking Up Trash While Black

Picking Up Trash While Black

At this point, maybe we should celebrate. Somehow, nobody died after eight jittery armed cops in Boulder, CO confronted a black college student - scarily wielding a trash grabber and plastic bucket - as he cleaned up garbage outside his own house. The encounter was filmed by his roommate, who kept furiously, fruitlessly shouting "We fucking live here!" as the tension mounted. Just try to watch the video without your stomach churning and blood boiling at its portrayal of life in a racist police state.

This makes me want to point fingers at those that are to blame for the rise of hate in our beloved country and we all know who that is … but …it is my fault as well because I cannot scream loud enough that, All of Our Shadows Are the Same Color, maybe you all would like to help? How loud can you scream?


Nah, its 100% NOT your fault.
No matter how loud you scream against racism the racist will drown you out with the hate in their heart. Unless that’s removed , no amount of shouting will suffice.

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That the Police Chief is to “review the matter” means absolutely nothing. Nor does it matter that an officer or two put on “Administrative leave”. That the incident HAPPENED demonstrates institutionalized racism. This is not fixed by reviewing the matter or claims of “this is not the values the police force promotes”.

The racism is engrained and is systemic. While Trump helps to fuel it it predates Trump by many years. It dates back to the founding of the United States of America as a country. Black Americans have always been treated this way. Those that point out this fact, such as a Martin Luther King are eliminated.


The video was hard to watch. I cannot imagine what that man must have felt–the rage and frustration–trying to talk to those stupid officers. Black men get killed just for walking, driving, and now picking up trash in their own homes.

Are white men really that scared of black men?


Here’s my modicum of sympathy for the first officers on the scene: They were probably called in by a bigoted neighbor reporting a suspicious (meaning black) individual in the vicinity.

Here’s where that sympathy totally ends: Everything after the initial confrontation was impossible to explain without bringing race into the equation. If I were that college student, I’d lawyer up.


Eight cops and not one tried to lessen the tension. I grew up in a white trash neighborhood and the cops were always seen as people who only brought more misery when they showed up; it has got to be 10x worse in black and brown areas. When was the last time you saw a cop on the correct side of a protest, of a picket line, of history. They are an arm of capitalism and corporatism; to serve and protect the haves from the have nots.


The saddest thing is that this happens in every state in America! It doesn’t seem to take a lot a of skills or training to become a police person. Otherwise, so many black people wouldn’t be harassed and killed.
I watched that video in Sacramento of the man killed in his grandmother’s backyard. I wonder if I heard the entire video, because I never heard either of the police men say that they were police… It’s too easy for police to kill. : (
First they came for the black people, but I wasn’t a black person… then they came for the Hispanic people------sigh----and this always ends the same way. : (


You’d think the cops would have learned their lesson by know. They keep falling for the same trick every time.

What was the trick? To pick up trash on the front lawn?

Do you mean that when I do that, I’m trying to entrap the police?

I suppose one of his neighbors posted a warning on Nextdoor. Racist, frightened whites here in Oakland have posted notices on Nextdoor when a black man is walking in their neighborhood. Apparently Nextdoor is hooked in with OPD as well.

Maybe the police should have asked the caller what made the man suspicious and that should have ended it right then and there.

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No - only white men with guns.

I believe one of the main problems with cops in the USA is the fact that so many of them are ex-military. They are trained to kill the enemy and they view the general population as an enemy. They do not have what it takes to properly police a community.