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'Pinochet-Style Dictatorship': Bolivia's Coup Government Threatens to Arrest Leftist Lawmakers and Journalists

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/18/pinochet-style-dictatorship-bolivias-coup-government-threatens-arrest-leftist


But but… Evo tried to run for another term, like he was FDR or something!


Well done CIA… mission accomplished, thugs…


Frightening news again all over the globe. Sri Lanka just voted in a military far right male who comes complete with a horrible repressive history. Every positive step forward is negated by several steps backward. And this little old lady just started her adventures abroad. yikes !!


This is setting up to be a long war crime in the making. The main perps are in the United States.

The trick is to get the International Criminal Court to try the perps, in absentia if necessary.


Thank you Trump and fellow fascists for bringing ‘mocracy’ to Bolivia. I feel soooo much safer knowing your installed thug dictator is hunting down unarmed peasants that wanted a better life.

I would say the political dems ought to be up in arms about this crime against humanity. But seeing as how most are having organisms over this great victory for democracy, I’ll skip that.


After how many years the UN is still working on Julian Assange’s criminal persecution and incarceration.


Most lawmakers and presidential candidates in the United States have been completely silent about the military coup in Bolivia, even as the nation’s military guns down peaceful demonstrators in the streets.–and here we have Liz Warren who claims indigenous ancestry and not a word on this outrage against the Bolivian indigenous people who are the majority. A thorough opportunist.

And then there is the other Debbie Wasserman and her Florida bi-partisans who support this fascism. Then again when you think it ok for Israel to persecute the indigenous of Palestine you are going to support the repression of indigenous people everywhere including where you live.

Let’s crash the phones of these fascist females!



It will be interesting to see how China and Iran deal with the relentless US effort to destroy governments and install dictatorships.


Tulsi Gabbard’s silence is extremely disappointing.


These dictators and right-wing apologists would be nothing without the police and military to back them up in killing anyone who disagrees with them. Aren’t the police and military made up of people these dictators want to suppress also? When is “following orders” not a good enough excuse?


Catholicism has been murdering and enslaving the indigenous peoples of the americas for over 500 years now. Catholic doctrine, capitalism, and fascism have always walked hand in hand. And as we all know, when capitalism is backed into a corner, it will kill everyone and destroy everything in order to survive.
At the end of the day, Bolivia is simply the latest step in a massive plan hatched in the USA back in the 1980’s for the formation of a pax America. America’s oligarchy has feared the wane of US influence worldwide since the fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent rise of China and India and a 21st century trade market that the USA could no longer compete in. The oligarchs see only one way to protect their riches in the new global economy.
Establish Oceana and build walls around it. If the people of Bolivia (or Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, and yes the USA) don’t rise up soon, it will be too late, and a Fourth Reich will rise in the America’s featuring an enormous and brutal police state the likes that have never been witnessed in human history.


another lesson for would-be ballot box revolutionaries. the pink tide is officially dead now, with only venezuela hanging by a thread or two.

as long as we believe we can fundamentally change social relations (the aim of all revolutions) by non-coercive means, those of us on the left will continue to lose.

none of us wants this reality. but in this life, your enemies have a say in how things go. and that’s where we’ve lost our way. power transfers are fairly simple: those who have it rarely if ever give it up voluntarily. it must be taken. and if you leave them intact after you take it, they will spend the rest of time plotting to get it right back.

we need to grow up and realize that another world will not come without a fight. literally.


Reports of Assange’s deteriorating health are appalling. It would not be surprising to learn if his death in prison. US mainstream media have been silent or supportive of this abuse.

Chelsea Manning is also being tortured in prison. There has been an almost complete media blackout about her.


Warren’s silence on this matter, speaks volumes.

She was conveniently missing from the recent Latinx forum: https://dailytitan.com/2019/11/democratic-party-hosts-forum-aimed-latino-voters/


Thank you for framing this in the proper context. There can only be one Church, there can be only one Pope. Before we had “states”, in the Colonies, Catholics were often times shot on sight, there were laws against Catholicism. We are now seeing why.


My wife won’t let me buy an assault rifle. In my case, I can see her point.


Check out this article with embedded video clips of the indigenous Bolivian people marching from all over Bolivia to protest this illegal power grab. Listen to them speak in their own words and language and demonstrate for us how it’s done. They have great courage and I doubt that they will stand down any time soon.


Pope Francis has the Elderwand. If you hate fascism, it’s time for a little excommunication.


The only problem with your argument is that in US America it was the fundamentalist protestants as in those of Calvinist roots who nearly wiped out the tribes. Not so much in Latin America and Canada.