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'Pinochet-Style Dictatorship': Bolivia's Coup Government Threatens to Arrest Leftist Lawmakers and Journalists

Total, global, rolling, non cooperation.


Yeah, I don’t like where this is going…


Americans and our corporate overlords remain silent as it is their attempt to extract resources from this country and our so called journalists stand down and media conglomerates remain silent. Pretty disgusting what Amerika has become.

It is a republican and corporate democrats dream come true.


Interesting photo… the two face binary of this iteration of right-wing oppression… with the female out front in the foreground… i.e. in part for Western media seduction/ consumption.


Again re: “Pinochet style”/ photo: interesting deployment of white around Anez’s head with its Western religious symbolism repeated in the starched collar of the military man in mid-ground i.e. an interesting Getty Imagebank concept photo.

This kind of shit is going to continue to happen all over the world until two things happen.

  1. The US stops meddling in foreign governments’ affairs and dismantles the American Empire.
  2. The military rank and file, all across the world, realize it is in their best interest to side with the People against authoritarian regimes.

Her people, the US military soldiers that she adores so much, are not being sent to Bolivia, so why should she care what happens there? She only cares about regime change wars if the US is directly involved with boots on the ground. Innocent civilians getting gunned down by their own state police and military? Tough! At least it isn’t American soldiers who are dying.

Re:style/ concept photo: leader(s) are looking forward to the right much like in the activity of reading symbolizing scientific progress (I’ve never understood why the American left calls themselves “Progressives” given that the right also believes in a concept of progress)

This info got little attention anywhere.Trump’s troops may soon be marching into Mexico. Imagine the consequences!

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Yes. CIA fingerprints all over it. The same old script as well, which has been recycled several times over.
Actually I am surprised they let Evo leave the country, alive. I would still worry about his safety in Mexico. Remember how the old Soviets got Leon Trotsky in 1940. From NKVD to CIA, siblings all.


There are more Empires beyond United States. For example, I’d argue Canada (where I live) is an Empire with its provincial/ states model of governance, colonial project and continued subjugation of natives, GDP growth mentality, sequestering of dissent, etc. Is China an empire? Russia?? Bolivia??? Anarchists would argue that this “kind of shit” only won’t happen when countries don’t exist.
What do you think?

The ONLY way to deal with a oligarchy-backed coup is to KILL the leaders of it and put it down - immediately. They are doing this to win - at any and all costs - and the People must kill them to stop them. It is the only way to deal with corporate coups backed by our CIA. This will continue until the coup leaders succeed in totally taking over and repressing democracy. That is the purpose of a military coup, and what they do. KILL the coup leaders and get control of the military back and purge the generals who participated in this outrage.

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Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too


There has been NO evidence presented for fraud in the selection of Morales by a large percentage of Bolivian voters. The only point of discussion was whether he won by slightly more or slightly less than a 10% margin. The Indigenous community comprises almost 65% of the population, and has a long history of opposing military rule. The survival of this U.S.- sponsored military coup is in NO WAY certain.


Don’t think that will happen. It’s just the orange fool keeping his base riled up through the elections.

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I hate violence as a solution, but damn, we are getting to the point (already past it in some countries) where the people must do exactly as you suggest.

She was against the Venezuelan coup attempt–no U.S. soldiers there that I’m aware of.


Many far right Catholics, like this wannabe brutal dictator, are probably hoping for a return of the crusades. Like conflicts all over the world, religion seems to be the ignition point.
God help the indigenous people in Bolivia. Oh, I forgot. God doesn’t seem to help anyone as far as I can see.


Criminally insane. She babbles about the Bible and witches, while she plans to slaughter thousands. Do such people actually believe in the imaginary Gods they proclaim?


I believe Mexico declined the offer.