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Pioneering AIDS Activist Larry Kramer—Whose "Rage Helped Inspire a Movement"—Dead at 84

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/27/pioneering-aids-activist-larry-kramer-whose-rage-helped-inspire-movement-dead-84


Quite interesting. I just saw a clip on Kramer. He advocated for access to experimental HIV/AIDS drugs before they were approved. That would actually be considered a free market / libertarian proposal. With the FDA getting out of the way, people would be able to take their own risks to try experimental drugs that could potentially save their lives (instead of dying and never knowing). That concept would never work in a M4A or socialist system.

Good Christ, this is hard to take anymore. Only “free enterprise” can handle serious medical issues, like pandemics, I suppose. (Some folks could dunk their own head in the bowl and deny it’s wet.)

Hell of a first-tribute from the Commons to Larry Kramer, who famously collided with bureaucratic stalling and obliviousness in the person of Anthony Fauci – who praises him today. Perhaps, in tribute to Kramer, some of us could get real for 60-seconds, just to recognize: AIDS is very much still with us, among despised people and countries, interacting with the creativity of other deadly microbes in the regions where it settles down. They never found “the vaccine” for HIV, you know.


You didn’t even respond to my point. M4A or socialism would be command and control in terms of what’s covered to begin with. Only a free enterprise would allow for the free choice that Kramer advocated for.

A M4A system in place at the time would have treated the AIDS epidemic objectively, making Larry’s “abusive” acts totally unnecessary.


None sense. Irresponsible. There needs to come a time when every human being realizes that with “free enterprise” humankind is actually everywhere left in chains. “Personal” responsibility cannot be divorced from social responsibility. Last I looked, everyone is sharing one home planet and one Life. We do not live in isolation, are not separate automatons and why your “liberty” cannot be the license to disregard everyone else. You say experiment? Isn’t that what Trump was urging the use of its anti-malaria drug and Clorox?


What Trump suggested was trial and error;

" The Scientific Method is trial-and-error, in that you eliminate proposed models (hypotheses) by observation and contradiction. When trial-and-error is used pejoratively, people really typically mean ‘random guessing’, which is a degenerate means for creating hypotheses.’

And remember what we were told about the origin of the virus.

Kramer’s ultimate legacy may be that he showed homosexual men that they could indeed be a political force, and that LGBT people need not accept living in America’s margins. Kramer, like many other people, knew that LGBT people were already here, already queer, and already occupying the halls and offices of America’s most sacred institutions. His plan was to get them to be loud and proud.
I think he succeeded.


Unfortunately, as it stands today, PWAs are dollar signs for the drug industry. RIP Larry.